CRM integrations

Choosing the right CRM for your business is crucial. However, it’s not the end of your efforts—it’s where it all begins. No man is an island, and the same wisdom applies to sales tools. In fact, the power of good customer relationship software lies in the integrations.

In this article you’ll read:

  • why CRM integrations are crucial for optimal performance
  • how to get the most out of your work tools
  • how CRM integrations will help you grow the business

Ready to boost your CRM with some of the most powerful tools out there?

Let’s dive in!

Why CRM integration matters

Customers are the core of your business—they’re the audience, the judge and, obviously, the crucial source of revenue. You might be offering a state-of-the-art product, but even this alone won’t get you far if you neglect your customers. Once they need to solve a problem, they expect you to be there, ready to help them out. If you manage to meet their needs, they will remain loyal and happy to recommend your services.

This is why customer relationship management should be the backbone of your business. It helps you grow conversion rates and, in the long run, customer retention rates, too. How do you make it work, though?

Think about it: you’re collecting customer data through a wide variety of channels. From call centres and live chats to surveys and simply recording user behaviour, there’s plenty of valuable information you can use to grow your business even faster.

This valuable data can be integrated with your CRM to create an even better customer experience. This way, you’re one step ahead – you already know what your customers might need before they get in touch.

How to choose a CRM system

Why you should integrate your CRM with other tools

CRM integration can be helpful in many ways. Here are some of the most prominent areas:

Reason 1: Data integration

Why: You don’t need to transfer all information manually from one tool to another. Integrations can help you avoid misunderstandings, not to mention they save you a lot of hassle.

Example: Your sales CRM can draw customer data from call centre software, such as CloudTalk. Without having to dig deep into the logs, you’ll know immediately when they got in touch, what was the outcome and what needs to happen next.

Reason 2: Simplifying your workflow

Why: Switching between tabs, copying and pasting, jumping from one conversation to another… Frustrating, right? Integrations can make your workflow much smoother and tidier. Less stress, more efficiency!

Example: You can use dedicated 2-way sync tools! For example, PieSync allows you to send data between Livespace and cloud apps of your choice – in real-time! This way, you’ll remain on track with the most recent customer information. It’s the smoothest way to keep everyone on the same page.

Reason 3: Unleashing your full potential

Why: Two heads are better than one – when you connect your favourite tools, the whole will become much more than just a sum of its parts.

Example: Your creativity is the limit here. We suggest you try integrating different tools to see what works best for you. You never know what opportunities you might uncover! One of our favourite examples is Sellizer, an automated tool to distribute commercial offers to your prospects. It draws all the necessary data from the sales CRM and makes sending campaigns much easier!

Reason 4: Better customer support

Why: Effective customer support needs to be based on data. When the customer talks to you, they expect you to know exactly who they are and what were their previous engagements with your company. With the right CRM integration, your help desk agents will have all the necessary information at their fingertips. This way, you can answer all queries much faster. This is sure to increase customer satisfaction!

Example: Let’s start with simple solutions: you can create a survey in Google Forms to collect answers from your customers and spot any issues they might be facing. Then, the form can be integrated with Livespace for further actions.

Reason 5: Marketing automation

Why: If done right, marketing and sales make a powerful combination. Add automation tools to the mix and you might soon find yourself light years ahead of the competition! To name just a few functionalities, you can track the results of your email campaigns and newsletters, monitor website visitors and personalize your marketing content to match different audiences. In the end, all these features will help you increase conversion rates with minimal effort.

Example: SALESmanago, an acclaimed marketing automation tool, is one of the most extensive Livespace integrations. What exactly does it do? For example, it will help you rate every single prospect to prioritize your sales outreach strategy accordingly. You can also use it to define the customer’s interest in your offer, determine the best time to get in touch and much more.

Reason 6: Flawless contact management

Why: An essential piece of every CRM, contact management can be improved with the right integrations. Instead of browsing all the possible sources to find that one phone number, you can connect all your tools and have all your contacts listed in one place. Seems like a small thing, but makes life much easier!

Example: For instance, Livespace can be integrated with iPresso. The synchronisation works both ways – contacts that are not included in Livespace are crawled from iPresso, and vice versa. You don’t need to remember about updating every tool separately anymore.

How to integrate your CRM with external tools

Alright, integrations can work wonders, but how does it actually happen?

Without going too deep into technical details, the most popular ways to integrate CRM software with other tools include:

  • Zapier – One of the most frequently used integration tools out there, Zapier allows you to connect Livespace with more than 1000 applications! Some of the most popular ones include Google Suite, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Zendesk… well, we could go on for much longer. The whole list of available integrations can be found on the Zapier website.
  • Dedicated integrations – Some of Livespace integrations are particularly well-developed. You can find a list of our recommendations in the knowledge base.
  • API – Need a custom CRM integration? We’ve got that covered. Livespace API can be used to create bespoke integrations, either on your own or with the help of our support team.

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Key takeaways

As you can see, CRM software can be particularly beneficial for your business if you connect it with other tools.

So, what are the next steps you can take?

We strongly encourage you to review your current toolbox and find out which tools can be integrated to boost your CRM. It pays off to test different possibilities and decide on the ones that work best for you. When it comes to growing a company, there’s always room for improvement. Why don’t you give it a try and see how you can improve your workflow?


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