A Beginner’s Guide to Sales Prospecting

A Beginner's Guide to Sales Prospecting

Sales prospecting is considered as one of the first processes of the sales cycle. Even if you work hard day and night generating leads for sales, you shouldn’t stop your sales prospecting efforts and wait for the leads to come pouring in. It’s always been a challenge but definitely still worth trying. You need to capture more prospects every day to make your business reach newer heights.

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5 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making With Sales & Support

5 Horrible Mistakes You're Making With Sales & Support

Both sales and customer support teams play an important role in any business, regardless of its size. Let’s face it: There is nothing worse than having a customer acquired by a brilliant sales rep, only to have him or her discouraged by inadequate customer service right after. And it works the other way round as well – if your sales team is not doing a good job, your customer support agents can’t really prove themselves. That’s precisely why all your teams should meet the same, high standards.

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How Does Social Media Help with Sales?

I often meet entrepreneurs who admit that although their brands are present on social media, they have little influence on their sales results. This is due to the fact that marketers and the people responsible for sales, use social media communities differently. But, usually, the former has the greatest influence on what happens, e.g., on the company’s Facebook profile, and are assessed based on the number of likes and fans. In turn, salespeople need something concrete – bases, leads, real people who could buy a product.

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5 situations which mean that it is time to implement CRM

5 situations that mean this is time to implement CRM

The implementation of a CRM system is never a completely painless task because it means a certain change in the way of work, and every change arouses resistance. This is why we often ask ourselves: “Is it time yet, or can we wait a little longer?”. Let’s take a look at 5 situations that may occur at your company. If they happen, you should not trivialize them – they are a clear sign that it is time to think about a CRM tool.

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9 ways to automate B2B sales – the superpowers of the integration of Livespace CRM and Zapier

Livespace and Zapier integration

Optimization of the work of sales teams makes many sales directors and company owners sleepless. The way to overcome this problem may be to use new technologies. An example of such a solution is the integration of Livespace CRM and Zapier, which gives countless possibilities for automating repetitive sales activities. 

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