Getting your sales process right, from contact to PV installation, is a huge time saver. Use that time to grow your business and attract more customers.

Looking for a CRM for the solar PV industry to effectively manage sales?

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photovoltaic RES industry
client service in photovoltaic RES industry
of solar installation companies don’t contact customers despite their interest in the offer.

That’s a huge amount of potential just waiting for the taking! If you don’t speak to them, another company certainly will. Don’t let opportunities slip through your fingers.

With Livespace, you’ll establish a clear and transparent process that will improve your client service while maximizing your sales at the same time.

sales process in photovoltaic RES industry
the number of salespeople who give up after their first failed attempt to contact a customer.

It can be hard to remember to do everything on your list. The right CRM not only helps you do your job, but also does some of the work for you.

The automations in Livespace are designed to maximize your sales efficiency. Start doing what your competitors aren’t.

photovoltaic RES industry CRM
the amount of PV sales reps don’t bother to research customer needs.

Sending an average offer leads to average results. Personalization increases your effectiveness because it sets you apart from the competition.

Use Livespace to remind your sales reps to personalize their client service, while you sit back and enjoy the results and business growth.

Trusted by hundreds of companies:

CRM dla branzy fotowoltaicznej

The implementation of a CRM was crucial to streamlining the work of our sales team. Livespace allowed us to divide tasks and distribute them efficiently amongst members of our sales team. I have been using Livespace for 5 years. It is extremely intuitive and 100%. satisfies our needs.

Piotr Czuryłło, CEO Visacom

From frist contact to installation

Increase your team’s efficiency

Dividing your sales process into individual steps allows you keep your entire company organized. Working more effectively equals time savings and better productivity, which means you and your team can get more photovoltaic installations done.

With Livespace, you have full control on what stages and steps you want to divide your process into.

Photovoltaics dedicated sales process
sales enablement for PV sector

Go mobile

Make your salespeople more productive

The more meetings your sales people have, the more likely they are to win the next customer and increase sales.

The right CRM for the solar industry supports sales reps in every circumstance, that’s why we created the Livespace mobile app. Now your reps can work where ever they are from their phone or tablet.

All your data in one place

Improve the flow of information within your team

Quick access to crucial information is key to efficient client service and maintaining a good team dynamic.

Livespace tracks a detailed client history including:

  • all communication
  • every arrangement
  • property photos
  • signed contract
  • supplementary notes

With Livespace, you have everything in one place.

How to share knowledge within PV team
safety, security and compliance in CRM

Safety, security, and Compliance

Ensure your company maintains the highest standards

Data security is the cornerstone of creating and growing a thriving business, not just in the PV industry.

Livespace meets the highest security standards with AWS infrastructure. With us, you can rest assured that your data is secure.

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