When you build software, you use only the best tools for the job. Why wouldn’t you do the same thing in sales? Check what the right CRM for IT Services & Software Houses can do for you.

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more efficient in completing daily task after implementing Livespace

Automations, integrations and templates will make you virtually forget about doing tedious manual tasks.

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time it takes to prepare a report in Livespace

Unlike spreadsheets, a report in Livespace can be created in a minute.

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assurance in which activities to invest time and resources

With Livespace, you will see what actions translate into new clients and captured projects.

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Ilona Leoniewska, Chief Revenue Escola

We have been using Livespace for 4 years now. It saves us a lot of time. We have a fairly small sales team (for now 😉 ), but lots of work, so it’s crucial to for us to work effectively.

Thanks to Livespace, we’ve managed to save 3 working days per month, by shortening the status meetings alone. We’ve also stopped wasting time going back to potential clients for whom we are too expensive, thanks to the insights in the system.

Ilona Leoniewska, Chief Revenue Officer Escola S. A.

Focus on what matters

Livespace puts you in control of all your processes
  • How many times have you wasted time on a detailed estimate for a client who didn’t actually make a purchase?
  • Are you creating proposals from scratch for every customer, and all the supporting materials over and over again?
  • Are you always left wondering what stage of the sales process your customer is at?

With Livespace you will create a repeatable sales process, focus on the right customers and offers for them.

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Measure what counts

In Livespace right away, without messing around
  • Do you keep sales data in Google sheets?
  • Do you manually report on all your sales activities?
  • Are you constantly asking your teammates for the status of their sales activities?

With Livespace, you’ll have your sales data, forecasts, cost and margin data instantly.
No fuss. Always up-to-date.

Automate the boring stuff

Let Livespace handle it for you
  • Do you find yourself forgetting to send followups to customers?
  • Are you manually transcribing information from a contact form?
  • Are you neglecting to ask your customer for feedback on Clutch?

These are only a few examples of what you can automate with Livespace.

Automated tasks in IT sector
CRM dla Software House powinien integrować się z innymi narzędziami. Livespace pozwala na integrację przez Zapier i po API.

Integrate what your heart desires

Key integrations in Livespace
  • Tired of scrolling through emails looking arrangements you made with the customer?
  • Do you keep important data in different tools?
  • Are you spending your free time manually migrating information?

Integrate all your tools with Livespace: natively, through Zapier and via API. This is how a CRM for IT Services & Software Houses should work.

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