Do you send surveys to your customers? Specific answers are often a first step in establishing closer business relationships. Use Livespace’s integration with Zapier to connect your survey Google Forms with Livespace so when a potential customer chooses a specific survey response, a new contact appears automatically in Livespace!

How does Google Forms integration with Livespace work?

  1. New response to your survey appears in Google Forms.
  2. Zapier automatically adds a new contact to Livespace.

Before you start

  1. Make sure your Google Forms survey is ready and connected to Google Sheets where results are collected.
  2. To create new form go to Google Sheets, select Tools > Create a form.
  3. The next step is to create a survey in Google Forms window where you will be redirected.

Zapier configuration

  1. Log in to your Zapier account and press Make a Zap!
  2. Select the application that will trigger the action, Trigger App. Find Google Forms in the list of applications.
  3. Choose New Response in Spreadsheet and confirm the choice by Save + Continue.
  4. Connect Zapier to your Google account. Press Connect an Account.
  5. Zapier will open the Google Authentication window. Connect Google account in which you have prepared a survey. Then Allow Zapier to access forms.
  6. Confirm by clicking Save + Continue.
  7. Select the appropriate document and answer sheet from the list and press Continue.* At this stage complete a test form to download sample data useful for further configuration.
  8. Go to the next step configuration – action. Select Action and choose Livespace.
  9. Set action Create a Person.
  10. Similarly like in step 4, allow Zapier to connect to your Livespace account. Choose Connect an account.
  11. In the new window, enter the data from Livespace (you will find it in your Livespace account, in the tab Account settings > API > Users):
    1. Account name, for instance
    2. API key and API secret of selected user.
  12. Choose which fields from the survey you want to save to Livespace, such as your name, company name or phone number.
  13. Name your Zap and run it. Ready!

New contact will appear in your Livespace account every time someone completes a Google Forms survey.

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