Customer Segmentation – Where to Start?

Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation is a basic tool that, if done correctly, allows you to effectively manage your sales processes. When running B2B sales it is especially important to define, what types of clients are you looking for? Establishing key parameters will help you identify the value of any given customer and properly distribute your sales team efforts, in order to achieve the best results.

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Sales Process – What, When and How to Measure it?

Sales process – what, when and how to measure it?

KPI’s (key performance indicators) are important metrics that allow you to objectively assess the effectiveness of your operations. They provide valuable information on whether the business is going in the right direction, indicate which elements could be improved or reveal weak links in the processes. The correct determination of indicators measuring sales may prove to be crucial for the functioning of the entire organization.

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Applying Agile Methods to B2B Sales Teams

Those familiar with project management processes, or those working in or closely with software development, will undoubtedly have heard of the Agile Methodology.

In this article we explore how employing an Agile methodology to B2B sales practices could help increase user iteration and collaboration, as well as improve accountability, providing better measurement and forecasting to help improve outcomes. Read more

Everything You Need to Know about Follow-Ups

Everything You Need to Know about The Follow-Ups

Closing a deal can be a never-ending hustle and waiting game. First, you carry out your research in order to identify the prospects who have buying potential.

Then comes the cold outreach. You launch your campaign or send your pitch, happy in the knowledge of a job well done – but it but it doesn’t end here.

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5 Ways Defining Your Sales Process Can Benefit Your Business

✋ ✋ Be honest…

❓❓ How well do you know ‘your’ sales process ❓❓

🎯 And could you write down each stage, step and action if asked? 🎯

A well-defined sales process is crucial in helping your business grow…

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21 Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Sales Plan

Turning a new lead into a client and signing a contract keeps many sales professionals awake at night. Everybody looks for the most effective way not only to close the deal, but also to do it asap. Unfortunately, we often encounter obstacles or make mistakes which could ruin your sales plan.

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How Effective Is Your B2B Sales Process

How Effective Is Your B2B Sales Process

With all of the buzz and panic around the upcoming GDPR changes, many are scrambling to ensure they are prepared – and quite rightly so. But before you rush to consolidate all your data and purge your contact lists, ask yourself – how effectively do you capitalize on the data within your sales and marketing strategies?

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CRM – More Than Just Lead Management

CRM - More Than Just Lead Management

Sometimes referred to as customer acquisition management or contact management, lead management is the process of tracking and managing your prospective customers, and is a critical part of keeping your pipeline fresh and filled with new prospects.

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Why Your Sales Reps Are Losing Deals

Why Your Sales Reps Are Losing Deals

Working in sales can be a turbulent experience.  When you deliver your numbers and meet your targets, life is grand. Relatively stress free. But when you’re chasing targets and missing numbers, it can all seem too much.
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