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How to Choose a CRM System

As the world of business and industry becomes ever more competitive, choosing the correct CRM software will not only help your business get ahead of your competitors but allow you to become more efficient. Regardless of the size or scope of your business or scope, CRM software can do a vast amount of work, from […]

Applying Agile Methods to B2B Sales Teams

Those familiar with project management processes, or those working in or closely with software development, will undoubtedly have heard of the Agile Methodology. In this article we explore how employing an Agile methodology to B2B sales practices could help increase user iteration and collaboration, as well as improve accountability, providing better measurement and forecasting to […]

30+ Sales Support Tools for a Sales Hacker

When you work in sales, a big part of your job is interacting with other people, building relationships and analysing needs. However, the more you sell, the more activities you need to automate to sell faster, better and smarter. Only then, you can really hope to scale your business. Below, you will find some tools […]

Everything You Need to Know about Follow-Ups

Closing a deal can be a never-ending hustle and waiting game. First, you carry out your research in order to identify the prospects who have buying potential.  Then comes the cold outreach. You launch your campaign or send your pitch, happy in the knowledge of a job well done – but it but it doesn’t […]

10 Processes You Can Scale Using B2B Automation

When your business is ready to grow, there are multiple processes to coordinate. It can be difficult to know where to place your focus, and the demand on your company’s resources can soon outstrip supply. Automation helps to streamline your processes, making them optimally efficient as you begin to grow your brand. This supports the business […]

Why Your Outbound Strategies Might Not Be Working

A dilemma for all marketing professionals is finding a balance between outbound and inbound marketing strategies. Traditional advertising still has a place, but the advent of social media has developed inbound marketing into a sales machine, allowing SMEs to remain competitive. In this article, we’ll take a look at the reasons why outbound strategies have […]

How to Support Your Staff in Using Automation

Automation can have spectacular benefits for businesses of all sizes, in all sectors. Whether it involves new software, equipment, or a combination, automation can drive efficiency, better resource management, and greater cost-effectiveness. However, introducing automation can often be met with resistance from your team. They may be alarmed by the prospect of job cuts, or […]

9 Productivity Hacks for B2B Sales Teams

If you are currently working, or have ever worked, in sales, you’ll know the feeling…  That desire to not only help nurture your clients and deliver the service/product they need but to close your deals and see your sales figure skyrocket. But what if you could make your sales results skyrocket, simply by making a […]

5 Ways to Boost Your CRM Adoption

Organizations spend countless hours reviewing, analyzing and testing multiple CRM options on the market. They may well test several options, before selecting the one that best suits their needs. Oftentimes they may spend thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) on customer relationship management software.

How Effective Is Your B2B Sales Process

With all of the buzz and panic around the upcoming GDPR changes, many are scrambling to ensure they are prepared – and quite rightly so. But before you rush to consolidate all your data and purge your contact lists, ask yourself – how effectively do you capitalize on the data within your sales and marketing […]

How Customer Expectations Impact the Growth of CRM

Customer loyalty cannot be taken for granted, and so companies are focusing on delivering a seamless customer journey, with a view to build a relationship with their consumers. Subsequently, organizations across multiple sectors and industries are investing heavily in CRM to help drive an improved multi-channel customer experience.

Why Use CRM for Your Business?

In today’s competitive markets, the companies that best manage their customer relationships are more likely to succeed than those that don’t. And with the digital age of social media, consumer feedback is now at everyone’s fingertips.