Livespace CRM has raised 10 million PLN to conquer Europe. Eleven years ago, Michał and Marcin decided to independently tackle the problem they faced in B2B sales by creating a CRM system focused on processes. Livespace was created to genuinely support salespeople’s work and manage the sales process in a way that makes it repeatable and predictable.

Today, Livespace has over 1000 paying customers and has transitioned from a startup to a profitable company that has just closed an investment round of 10 million PLN for further development and global expansion.

INventures Invests 10 Million in Livespace

“Livespace focuses not only on the product itself but also on educating the industry and introducing new standards in the way salespeople work. This comprehensive approach, combined with the company’s stable income growth, growth potential, and healthy cap table, convinced us to invest in the company,” says Wojciech Dąbrowski, a board member of INventures, the investment fund that led this round.

“Scaling a business is a marathon. Despite partially exiting our investment, we remain in the company because we believe in Livespace’s mission, vision, and growth prospects,” says Dariusz Lewandowski from the ARIA fund, which was the main investor during the company’s first round in 2017.

6x ARR Growth Since Last Round

Since the last investment round, Livespace has grown sixfold and reached profitability: “We have transformed from a startup into a company,” says Marcin Stańczak, COO of Livespace.

Chart showing ARR growth (from 0 to 10M) in Livespace (2013 - 2024)

From 0 to 10 million ARR in Livespace

“In the 10 years of Livespace’s operation, we have managed to build a company that delivers real value to over 1000 companies, which allowed us to exceed 10 million PLN in revenue for the year 2023“.

Future plans: #goglobal!

“The CRM market is the largest software market for businesses, worth over 60 billion dollars. At Livespace, we aim to ultimately dominate the niche related to creating and optimizing sales processes for SMEs in the European market,” says Michał Skurowski, CEO of the company, and he adds:

“We created Livespace to help sales teams work more efficiently and achieve higher, more predictable results. To fulfil this mission in the coming months and years, we plan to focus on three key areas:

Utilizing artificial intelligence

AI in Livespace CRM is designed to assist sales managers in creating and optimizing sales processes, as well as to relieve salespeople in carrying out these processes by automating tedious and repetitive tasks. We have already started working with leading Polish scientists in this field and plan to invest heavily in this area.

Expanding into new markets

Currently, we basically have no direct competition among Polish CRM providers – we mainly compete with global players. Thanks to the recruitment of key individuals in recent months and the restructuring of processes, we are ready to compete for market share in new markets.

Market education

At Livespace, we have unique know-how and data on how to organize salespeople’s work to make it efficient and how to continuously improve this efficiency. We want to share this knowledge with our customers and work even closer with them on developing both our proprietary methodology for creating and optimizing sales processes and implementing best practices directly into our CRM software.

Sales process kanban view in Livespace CRM

Marcin, COO, adds, “It’s incredible to see the effects of implementing the sales process we promote. Livespace CRM guides salespeople by hand and gives managers greater control over their teams’ task execution, which ultimately leads to better sales results. We believe this sales model can effectively help increase revenues for businesses worldwide.”

“We believe that even the best technology won’t solve the real problems companies face if there’s a lack of knowledge on how to use it,” adds Michał. “That’s why, at Livespace, unlike the traditional software development model, we combine practical knowledge with useful tools.”

Without you, we wouldn’t be here

“Over the years, we’ve learned a lot. The most important lesson, however, comes from the fact that being close to customers and market experts is crucial in scaling technological products. We are grateful to the customers who have trusted us – especially the first ones such as iTaxi, NaTemat, InPost, DBK, or Ferrari. We also thank all partners, investors, advisors, and the Livespace team, without whom we wouldn’t be here!”

Michał & Marcin

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Aleksandra Korczyńska
Aleksandra Korczyńska
I have been working in marketing for tech companies for over 10 years. Currently, as the head of marketing at Livespace, I am responsible for leads, MQLs, and conversion in the funnel. I am fond of numbers and results. Perhaps that's why I get along so well with sales departments? ;)