We’ve introduced a new feature: mentions! Thanks to them, communication in LiveSpace becomes even better. Mentions let you tag a user (or multiple users) in your notes and comments. All you have to do is type the ‘at’ symbol (@), and then (with no spaces) the first letters of a user’s (or users’) name.

Mentions improve communication. Thanks to them, you can be sure that an important comment or note won’t go unnoticed. 🙂Mention function 1 in LiveSpacr CRM

How does it work?

Whenever you type the symbol @ and a user’s first or last name (for example @Andy) right after it, LiveSpace displays a list with suggestions of users who match the entered letters. As soon as you choose a person from the list, the sequence @abc is changed into the person’s first and last names. The name is also a link leading to the user’s profile. You have probably used mentions before on Facebook, for example.Mentions 2 in LiveSpace CRMIf you hover your mouse cursor over this link, a tooltip with basic information from the user’s profile will show.Details tooltip in LiveSpace CRMThe person (or persons) that you’ve tagged in your comment or note will get notified about the fact that you’ve mentioned them.Mentioned in a note in LiveSpace CRMWe hope that this new feature will improve your daily work and make using LiveSpace even more efficient and pleasant! Please note that this is only one out of many new features we’ve recently added to LiveSpace. You can read about other novelties at www.livespace.io/support/changelog/

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