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Open Nexus provides solutions that support procurement processes in local governments, public institutions and companies.
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How sales automation helped Open Nexus save thousands of hours a year

Sales automations and integrations free Open Nexus sales of repetitive tasks
Automations inside CRM

Sales automation in activities
automated activities performed per month.
Sales automation and time savings
saved through automation.
remarkable savings thanks to sales automations
working full time would not be able to replace Livespace automations.
The problem

Before implementing Livespace, the Open Nexus team was using a Firmao-based CRM. Unfortunately, the tool did not meet the needs of the sales department. The team lacked a kanban board displaying the sales process. Additionally, sales automation and integrations with other tools were not possible. The entire sales process, client implementation on to the Open Nexus platform, and maintenance was handled manually.

The solution

The Open Nexus team chose Livespace because it was the most transparent and intuitive CRM among the all the solutions they tested. This allowed onboarding the team, especially those who had less experience using digital tools, to happen more quickly. It was also important for Open Nexus that Livespace was integrated with Zapier, allowing them to add automations and integrate other tools without involving developers.

Within two weeks of using Livespace, the Open Nexus team set up the sales process in CRM and migrated all their data from their previous system. It took the team three months to fully “uncover” all of Livespace’s features. During this time, the team was fully onboarded to the CRM, and the administrator began to create the first automations and to integrate Livespace with other tools that the Open Nexus team uses on a daily basis.

CRM integrations to automate sales work
Thanks to these integrations, Open Nexus sales staff no longer waste time on:
  • manually entering customer data into their CRM,
  • making appointments with customers and setting reminders,
  • creating and completing contracts,
  • informing ops departments about contracts that need to be processed,
  • issuing invoices,
  • creating directories for documents on Google Drive, and
  • informing and creating tasks for the implementation team.
Jędrzej Anuszkiewicz-Michałek

With Livespace, we have been able to organize and automate most of the repetitive elements of the sales process. I appreciate the fact that I am able to integrate various other tools with Livespace without the involvement of a programmer.

We consistently replace rote sales activities with automations. This way we save a lot of time, while at the same time eliminating the risk of human error within the sales process.

Jędrzej Anuszkiewicz-Michałek, Software Project Manager at Open Nexus
The results

With tools integrated with Livespace, the Open Nexus team is able to work incredibly efficiently. It takes a total of 3 minutes to prepare the initial contract, offer, and data for a deal. Instead of filling out paperwork, the sales team can focus on building relationship with their clients.

All of the automation adds up to over 1 hour of time saved on each potential Open Nexus customer. This results in thousands of man-hours saved and completely avoids potential errors that occur when manually transcribing data from tool-to-tool.

Thanks to the implemented processes and automation, the onboarding time for new salespeople has also been reduced significantly. Currently, new employees can start working efficiently from their first day.

1.5 years of Livespace translates into a savings of more than 1,500 man-hours. Over the course of each month, the automations offload about 20,000 tasks from Open Nexus staff. To be able to serve customers as smoothly as they currently do without automation, they would need to add two additional FTEs.

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