Zapier allows you to instantly connect Livespace with over 1,000 apps and move information between them automatically, so you could focus on your everyday work.

Which applications you can integrate with Livespace?

Full list of applications that you are now able to integrate with Livespace is available on Zapier website.

It includes, among others:

  • Slack
  • Asana
  • Google Calendar
  • Mailchimp
  • Google Drive
  • Trello

How to set up Livespace + Zapier integration?

In order to start the integration:

After that, Livespace will be available on the list of apps while creating new Zaps as:

  • Trigger App…
  • …or Action App

Enter three parameters for your Livespace account:

  • Your Livespace account’s name (f.e.
  • Your API Key
  • Your API Secret


To create an integration through Zapier, an API key is required. It is available for accounts with the Automation or Enterprise plan. To get these information, simply go to Account Settings > API in your Livespace account.

After setting a connection, you can move on to integrate selected applications.

Will this help automating sales process?

Using Livespace CRM and connecting it with other tools, will help you automate processes and store important information in one place. It will allow for example:

  • to add tasks to Livespace’ calendar whenever a new task is created in Google calendar,
  • to create a new deal in Livespace, when the customer fills out a contact form on your website,
  • to send a notification to Slack when a deal changes its status.

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