Kanban is a tool supporting project and process management. At the same time, the Kanban system itself allows you to organize the process in such a way that each employee, department or team delivers exactly the part that is required at the moment. Kanban board consists of columns, each of which presents one of the steps in the sale process, and contains tasks related to the particular stage.

Kanban Board as a view in Livespace CRM

In Livespace, the Deals tab also offers a view in the form of a Board. If the settings remain unchanged, then you’ll see the default sales process.


and open deals in the various stages of the process.


The Board view also shows the forecasted value


and the number of deals in each stage.


An important element of the Board view is information about the current status of tasks in the deal. In Livespace this information is presented in the form of a dot in the deal field. The colors mean as follows:

  • White – No tasks
  • Gray – Tasks scheduled for later
  • Green – Tasks planned for today
  • Red – Overdue tasks


In the Board view, the Filter function is also available, as in other types of views. Thanks to the filters, you can choose, for example, only the selected owner deals, or those in which a specific activity has been implemented.


Worth to know

  • In the Board view, the Process filter is limited to selecting only one process at the same time. You cannot view deals from multiple processes on the Board simultaneously.
  • Only deals with an open status are visible at the Board.
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