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Q Broker is an independent insurance brokerage firm operating on the Polish market.



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Q Broker is an independent insurance brokerage firm operating on the Polish market. Q Broker’s offer is addressed to companies that employ between 30 and 250 people and includes life, health, property, and vehicle insurance.

In the 24 months since its inception, the Q Broker team has grown to 10 people and gained over 200 regular clients.

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The challenge

In order to fulfill the ambitious plans for rapid growth, the founder of Q Broker, Kamil Truszkowski, decided to implement CRM at the very beginning of the company’s life. He wanted to find a tool that would allow to faithfully reproduce the drawn-up sales process and help to supervise its course, thus avoiding micro-management.

A model of systemic management was to provide the company with a good start and minimize the risk of losses incurred as a result of chaotic activities. The challenge was to find a tool that would allow to put such management in place at the organization.

Choice of a solution

At the stage of searching for a suitable system, Q Broker tested several popular tools and finally came across Livespace – appreciated in the rankings as solid and, at the same time, user-friendly CRM.

Q Broker was immediately won over by Livespaces’ intuitive interface, which, in terms of functionality, resembles popular social media services. Another advantage was the clear division of the sales processes, helping sort out the assignment of work amongst the team and helping avoid any unnecessary interference with every step of the salespeople.

Specialization of a salesperson’s work

At Q Broker, each salesperson is assigned a role, in which they develop their skills. The sales process resembles a relay race: the next athlete can start only after the previous one has completed their segment. Therefore, several salespersons work on the making of a single transaction, and each of them passes on the baton after completing their task. Thanks to this, each stage of the sales process is supervised by a specialist from the given area.

This process is facilitated by Livespace, making it possible to hand over the tasks aimed at the acquisition of a client to the person responsible for the next stage. Additionally, all contact details, correspondence history, and additional notes are collected on the customers’ profile, enhancing the flow of information within the team.

My greatest challenge is maximum efficiency at every stage of sales. This is why I’ve introduced a clear division of the process, and every salesperson fulfills themselves in the role in which they feel the most effective. Livespace allows me to design an action path, and my salespeople to proceed smoothly from point A to point B.

Kamil Truszkowski

Vice President of the Board & Co-owner of Q Broker


Q Broker implemented Livespace at the beginning of its business operations. Within 24 months, the company succeeded in:

  • Acquiring more than 200 regular clients
  • Establishing an effective and repeatable method of sales
  • Specializing the team by dividing work into three processes:
    • Phone call
    • Obtainment of a broker’s order
    • Presentation of recommendations
  • Achieving sales effectiveness in each consecutive process ranging from 34% to even 50%
  • Nearly doubling the number of phone calls made by a salesperson, thanks to the integration of VoIP and Livespace.

You can manage either based on commands, or systemically. I chose the latter and achieved over 30% effectiveness of sales activities at Q Broker. How? I took control of the sales process, and the Livespace system took control of the work of my salespeople.

Kamil Truszkowski

Vice President of the Board & Co-owner of Q Broker