iSymbiOZE increases sales ops efficiency by 100% with Livespace.

Thanks to Livespace, iSymbiOZE – a solar energy RES company – took control of their sales ops, order fulfilment and installation processes, guaranteeing best-in-class sales service even with increasing order volumes.
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increase in sales effectiveness.
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iSymbiOZE Group provides RES solutions for B2B & consumer applications.
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How can you ensure that you keep your sales ops and customer service on the top of its game while you’re experiencing unparalleled growth in the amount of new clients?

iSymbiOZE found themselves facing exactly this challenge. The company, a leading solar energy service provider, had a highly effective sales process that resulted in steadily increasing sales. However, despite the uptake in interest, they found that the quality of their sales operations and post-sales processes was steadily decreasing with each additional customer.

Their team was having a huge issue with effectively managing their order fulfilment process. Managing the process via Google Sheets had reach it limit. A change was needed. iSymbiOZE decided to choose Livespace as their solution.

Did you know that we have a version of Livespace specifically designed for the solar energy sector?

Just choose “Photovoltaics, renewable energy sources”  in the Industry field when registering to try it out.

The problem

For starters, every iSymbiOZE customer is taken care of by several departments and many employees during post-sales activities – from contract signing to installation. Because of how distributed the team and roles are, they lacked a tool that allowed them to quickly and efficiently inform customers of the current status of contracts, credit applications, and requests.

To get their order status, customers had to call their sales representative directly. With the process being managed in Google Sheets, it was difficult to take care to keep the status up to date. As such, the reps had to go to great lengths to find out what was happening with their customer’s order every time. As such, they found themselves wasting countless hours and most of their times performing customer service tasks instead of selling.

They also lacked one place where all customer information, including customer communication, statuses, and performed activities, were stored and accessible. Handing over the customer from team-to-team was done manually. As a result, important information and details often did not make it to the next person in the process.

Finally, within their existing setup, iSymbiOZE lacked the ability to manage tasks efficently, especially when creating, assigning, and monitoring tasks. They often experienced timeline creep, with tasks dragging on and deadlines not being met. As a result, the overall process execution was longer and more arduous than necessary.

Data well organized on kanban view

The Solution

To solve their issues, iSymbiOZE choose Livespace and took advantage of Livespace’s implementation offering.

Mapping and implementation of iSymbiOZE’s sales ops process with the CRM was the key to success. Thanks to Livespace, both salespeople and those in sales operations departments, now have up-to-date status information in real-time. They also have a complete history of all joint communication with clients at their fingertips, whenever they need it.

To amp up the effectiveness of the process even more, iSymbiOZE took advantage of some of the automations available out-of-the box in Livespace, like notifications and automatic task creation. Now, as deal moves to the next department, the appropriate person is notified that it’s time to take care of it. This minimized the previous lags in reaction time they had been experiencing.

iSymbiOZE also used Livespace’s integration with Zapier to eliminate the issues around keeping clients current on their order status. Customers are automatically informed via SMS, using SMS Api, whenever key activities surrounding their order are marked complete within Livespace. They no longer need to call their sales rep to keep them up to date.

klienci o Livespace

Before we started using Livespace, our sales process was very chaotic. Our clients were going through several departments and several employees. Without a proper system in place, a lot of key information was getting lost during manual handovers.

Now we have everything under control and we are running much more effectively, and faster. Livespace helped us getting organized and automate many key, repeatable processes, and that has given us time and space to grow.

Piotr Wesoły, CEO, iSymbiOZE

The Result

Streamlining their sales ops process and implementing automations with Livespace have had a clear effect on process execution, and iSymbiOZE’s growth.

The quality of sales and ops service has increased exponentially:

  • over 60% increase in sales team efficiency
  • 100% increase in productivity in sales operations
  • up to 200% increase in the number of fulfilled orders per month.

SMS status notifications have minimized customer calls. Salespeople are no longer distracted from what matters most – closing deals. Within a few months, efficiency in the sales team increased by over 60% thanks to the reclaimed time through this automation alone.

The lack of downtime during handover has significantly reduced the time between contract signing and installation. As a result, iSymbiOZE is able to invoice customers faster. The improvements in internal communications and operational activities have resulted practically in iSymbiOZE being able to serve 2x as many customers with the same team.

Livespace implementation timeline

The implementation has been such a success that iSymbiOZE’s owners have decided to expand their Livespace-based approach into a franchise business based on their current sales and fulfillment processes.

The new company will teach franchisees how to professionally sell solar energy and RES solutions. It will handle the sales operations and implementation processes on its side. The entire process will be managed and executed in Livespace.

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