How Garcarek Mercedes-Benz car dealership cut sales response time by 90% with Livespace

Thanks to Livespace, Garcarek’s sales team has increased sales quality, efficiency, and effectiveness leading to higher conversion rates.
Car dealership sales optimization

car dealership sales optimization
faster response rate for new leads.
efficiency in car dealership sector
higher conversion rate among new sales representatives.
New staff well onboarded thanks to CRM
saved on onboarding new sales staff.
About the company:
Auto Partner Garcarek is an authorized Mercedes-Benz car dealership.
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Car dealership Auto Partner Garcarek Mercedes-Benz is highly esteemed by its customers, among others, in no small part due to the level of service they offer. Even so, their sales managers challenged themselves to set the bar even higher, identifying room for further optimization. 

In order to move forward with their ambitious plans, they needed a CRM to accurately track budding sales opportunities and reduce sales response times – which is especially important for car dealerships, where the sales process is complex, has many stages and is spread out over time.

Livespace was exactly the tool they were looking for.

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The problem

The sales team identified several key issues:  

The major issue in the team’s workflow was their inability to track sales leads through the funnel and their deal statuses. This was causing potential customers to fall through the cracks

Additionally, the CRM system being used by the car dealership did not allow to them to identify the source of sales leads. This caused major problems when evaluating the efficacy of marketing channels and campaigns. This made it impossible for the team to manage their advertising budget effectively.

Garcarek really needed two systems in one. On the one hand, they needed a tool that would easily integrate with the systems they used for lead acquisition. On the other, they needed a CRM that would guarantee an intuitive and fast client onboarding process.

The solution

Garcarek bet on Livespace. 

Livespace allowed them automate lead assignment. The integration with other key tools was quick – as was the onboarding process of the sales team. As a result, they started to track the status of assigned sales deals, almost immediately after implementation.

The implementation also had a huge impact on their ability to accurately track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. This allowed their marketing budget to be better allocated. Which of course, helped them manage and optimize their customer acquisition costs in a measured, scalable manner.

Livespace also made the sales team more efficient. Not only did Garcarek automate certain repeatable activities in the sales process, but they were also able to almost completely eliminate human errors within client service processes.

szef działu marketingu Garcarek

Before implementing Livespace, we were sometimes running blind. Certain activities generated leads, but it was difficult to determine their quality. Now we can carry out activities that actually translate into sales.

Now that we have the full source and history of our leads and we can strengthen activities in those areas that are most promising.

Jarek Żurkiewicz, Marketing Director, Auto Partner Garcarek

The result

There are hard numbers behind the success of Garcarek’s Livespace journey:

  • 90% faster sales response time for new leads
  • 20% higher sales conversion rate among new salespeople
  • 45 days saved on onboarding new sales representatives

As a result of implementing Livespace, the company was able to further improve an already industry-leading level of client service. The average response time to a sales inquiry dropped down to 5 minutes, well into the ideal benchmark of 5-7 minutes strived for by sales teams around the world.

CRM implementation process for car dealerships

Integrations allow them to automate as many as 5,000 sales activities per month. Reducing errors in the process leads to flawless client service, which garners even greater respect and reputation for the brand.

Additionally, with streamlined marketing analytics, advertising budgets are now allocated where the best chance of acquiring quality leads is present.

Last but not least, although the onboarding of new sales reps is time-consuming, Livespace helped optimize the entire process in such a way that average onboarding time was reduced by as much as 45 days.

These are only some examples of the impact Livespace has had company’s day-to-day operations. Garcarek’s managers consider the CRM a holistic tool that covers many processes within the company.

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