CRM – More Than Just Lead Management

Sometimes referred to as customer acquisition management or contact management, lead management is the process of tracking and managing your prospective customers, and is a critical part of keeping your pipeline fresh and filled with new prospects.

While many companies begin by using CRM simply as a lead management system, a well selected and configured CRM platform can provide so much more.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM), more than just a SaaS platform, can be best described as the entire lifecycle of your relationship with your customers. A lifecycle that includes the all-important ‘lead stage’ (where your dedicated sales team source, qualify, follow-up and pitch), extending into the ‘deal stage’ (where you’ve sold something and now need to deliver), and finally onto the service calls and ‘post-sale’ follow up.

As such, a company’s CRM becomes the framework on which they build their processes and systems. With repeatable and automated processes, it allows employees to go step by step through each milestone, ensuring it is completed in the same way and with the same quality every single time.

Not only does this allow teams to monitor and prioritize their tasks more efficiently, but also ensures a consistent and predictable customer experience. This in turn will often result in improved online reviews, repeat business, and ultimately, greater employee engagement, retention, and job satisfaction.

Sales productivity

Let us help you do what you’ve always done, only faster!

CRM, when used properly, can be transformative for a business. It can assist with sales activities, customer service, marketing campaigns, procurement, invoicing and resource management to name but a few.

If you’re currently running your business from a spreadsheet, or using a system that provides only lead management features, you could well be limiting your own growth potential. CRM can help provide a forward view, showing teams precisely where they are and allowing them to react and take appropriate action.

To find out how CRM can benefit your business, check out our website or book a 1-2-1 consultation here.

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Graham Richardson
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