Najlepszy system CRM dla małej i średniej firmy – Livespace zwycięzcą rankingu Sellwise

What is the best CRM provider for a small or medium company? For the second year in a row, the CRM comparison published by the sales consulting company Sellwise makes clear that Livespace CRM is the best choice among the options available on the market.

What is the Best CRM in 2019?

Nowadays many small and medium-sized enterprises face the challenges of digital transformation and look for the right CRM software that will allow the business to leverage the opportunities brought by the era of digitalization.

Entrepreneurs look for advice and knowledge among hundreds of comparisons, software rankings and reviews pages available all over the internet. Nevertheless, they should bear in mind that not every list of this kind, takes into account the aspects that are a must for a company on the initial stage of business development.

A CRM for SME should fulfill a number of requirements: be easy to set up and use, but also offer a set of indispensable features to help to manage all the information about customers, as well as the sales teams, and moreover, will help in scaling up the business.

The comparison that perfectly responds to the doubts of entrepreneurs looking for a CRM for their company, is the annual cloud-based CRM for SME review, published by Sellwise.


The newest edition of this CRM ranking, just like last year, revealed Livespace as the best CRM software for small and medium-sized companies.


najlepszy CRM w rankingu Sellwise

Reaching the first place for the second time in a row allows us to say with confidence, that our CRM responds to the users’ needs and it is currently the best solution available on the market.

While Livespace is a complete and advanced tool, it is also easy to use and has great UX. It also adapts to the wide-ranging users’ requirements, which is one of the main reasons it’s appreciated by the industry’s experts.

The Best Cloud-based CRM Software

The aim of the Sellwise ranking is to select the best CRM solutions available nowadays on the market.

Many CRM systems, even the ones meant for small companies, normally offer a variety of features. This is why the authors of the comparison decided to include applications that have the following modules and options:

  • Customer profile and contact history,
  • Responsive version for mobile devices,
  • Levels of permissions for salesmen and managers,
  • Calendars for planning meetings, follow-ups, etc.,
  • Report generation,
  • Deal management,
  • Customer support in real time.

The comparison includes the globally known, leading CRM software providers such as Pipedrive, Bitrix24, ZohoCRM or The final list published by Sellwise consists of the top 10 best CRMs with the highest evaluation, selected among numerous leading solutions tested by the experts.

What are the key CRM features for SME?

For Sellwise, the most important CRM features taken into account in the comparison were the elasticity and usability of the tool, along with available integrations (e.g. with a mailbox, external apps, online marketing tools, VoIP, as well as API or Zapier integrations).

When it comes to UX, parameters such as the time of adding a contact or a deal were measured in every tool. The features for the sales process and team management had a huge impact on the final results also, including features such as;

  • Reporting module
  • Deal management
  • Sales force performance monitoring
  • Sales funnel visualization

Another key factor was the possibility of being able to scale up the tool, to adapt it to the requirements of a growing company, i.e. advanced customization, multiple currencies and language versions.

Livespace – top-ranked CRM software for SME

After the last year success that placed us on the top of the 2018 CRM comparison, our solution was one of the front runners of the newest ranking.

It’s worth saying that this year the standard was set very high, as in the comparison participated globally-known CRMs with tens of thousands of users from all over the world.

This makes Livespace’s first place even more honourable and rewarding.

One of the key factors behind the Livespace’s repeat victory was, according to Sellwise, the integration with Zapier, implemented last year.

This move allowed Livespace users to connect the CRM to a wide range of other apps, making the execution of the everyday tasks that much smoother. The seamless integration of multiple tools improves, to a great extent, the workflow of a company and allows users to fully benefit from the data stored in applications of every sort.

Among other Livespace features that made the difference, we can point out the intuitive UX design and the mobile version of the tool.

But that’s not all – find out what other benefits Livespace can bring to your company. Create your free trial account today!

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