Entries by Anna Glazunova

Get more control over the sales process!

Due to the latest changes in LiveSpace, you can now get even more control over the sales process at your company. Do you want your rep to attach a file when they select the Offer sent action? Or perhaps you don’t want a user to have a possibility to win a deal unless a specific […]

New in LiveSpace: Mentions

We’ve introduced a new feature: mentions! Thanks to them, communication in LiveSpace becomes even better. Mentions let you tag a user (or multiple users) in your notes and comments. All you have to do is type the ‘at’ symbol (@), and then (with no spaces) the first letters of a user’s (or users’) name. Mentions […]

Say hello to the new version of LiveSpace!

  We’ve mostly focused on making the interface of LiveSpace clearer and more mobile-friendly. We’ve added dozens of bigger and smaller improvements that make working with LiveSpace even easier and more enjoyable. We’ve also changed our logo and redesigned our entire website. Stay tuned as more changes are yet to come!