Implement your training essentials directly into CRM platform and expand your consulting business with a scalable subscription-based model.

Bridge the gap between sales training and execution

87% of sales training content is forgotten by reps within thirty days.

That’s why we’ve created the first CRM platform designed specifically for implementing complete
sales methodologies right into sales teams’ everyday workflows.

What you teach

How sales people work

How this works?

Build your own version of CRM

Preconfigure Livespace basing on your best practises, knowledge and sales methodology. Add videos, documents, email templates, tips, activicty types, etc

Always be where you’re needed most

Assist your customers directly in their CRM, help them analyze data and make their way to success.

Get more customers with less work

Reuse your training materials, processes and templates to quickly onboard and service new customers.

What you get as a Partner?

Up to 40% commission for referrals
Extra value for your customers
Quarterly, recurring income
Free CRM for own use

How to apply?

Just answer a few questions and we’ll contact you for further information.



The administrator of personal data is “Livespace” ltd, with Headquarters in Warsaw, Poland. You have a number of rights, including the right to access and rectify your data. More information can be found in the Privacy Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often are the commissions paid to me (as the partner)?

We currently settle our affiliate program on a quarterly basis. This can be negotiated if the volume of referrals or size of renumeration is significant.

What is my commission percentage as a partner?

The commissions for Livespace referrals range from 20% to 35%, depending on the number of seats purchase, type of contract etc. Every partner also has the opportunity to earn an additional 5% on every referral by taking out ‘Knowledge Base’ test & becoming a Certified Partner.

How long do my commissions last for?

Unless otherwise stated, commissions for every referral are paid for the lifetime of the account.

Are there are requirement or prerequisites to become a Livespace partner?

No, none. Simply refer friends or colleagues who think could benefit from Livespace & we’ll do the rest. If you

Can I see how many companies set up an account from my recommendation?

Currently no. This is counted on a quarterly basis and reported before settlement. This may well change in the future, together with the more automated operation of the partner program, but currently we cannot report more frequently.

How do you (Livespace) know that this referral is from me (the partner)?

We track & assign partner referrals in three ways;

1) The customer may create an account via a recommendation link (specific to the partner).

2) The customer may use an individual discount code (specific to the partner).

3) We (Livespace) must receive a clear e-mail notification, from you the partner, that the company (your referral) has, or will, set up a trial account. Email should be received no later than 5 days after the account is created. If none of the above happens, or if the company already had an account in Livespace – it will not be treated as a referral.

Can I be a partner as a private person (i.e. without having a registered company)?

Unfortunately, not. Currently, the affiliate program is exclusively for companies, small business owners and self-employed.

As a sales trainer, I would like my clients to use the sales processes delivered in training. Can I add these & my own sales process(es) to Livespace?

Yes absolutely. One of our team members will work with you throughout the process to track all of the changes to the system, including sales processes, custom fields & content library. Once you’re happy with the configuration, we will then save that version as a new instance, whereafter any of your referrals can generate their own instances (with the exact same configuration) using your unique code.

As a sales trainer, both I & my clients, follow a specific sales methodology. Does Livespace support specific sales methodologies & if so which ones?

Yes, the sales processes in Livespace can be configured to most any sales methodology. Livespace remains agnostic in their preferred methodology, but to date, our team has successfully configured:

– Sandler Sales Methodology

– SPIN Selling Technique

– Solution Based Selling

– RAIN Selling

We plan to add more as we go.

Would you like to see a different sales methodology in Livespace?

Let’s chat!

My clients already have a CRM. Can you assist with data transfer between other CRM’s & Livespace?

Yes, we can recommend several apps to support in data transfer between CRM’s. If your client is wanting to use Livespace for a specific campaign or a set time-period, then the keys metrics of that campaign can be synced back to the other CRM as needed.

As a partner, do I have to pay for Livespace?

No, you can use Livespace for free (up to 2 seats). This is a special offer for our early adopters 🙂