What are products in Livespace?

In Livespace CRM, you can add products to deals. Products can be both products that you sell, for example, furniture, cosmetics, or clothes as well as your services, such as translations, web designing, or mediation. Thanks to turning on the products in Livespace, the total value of a deal will be constituted by all the values of the products added to the deal. Such a solution proves useful when a single deal ends with selling several products or services to your customer.

Adding a product to an existing deal

In order to add a product to an existing deal:

  1. Go to the profile of a deal to which you would like to add products.dealsum
  2. If no products were added when the deal was being created, the Products area on the right side of the deal’s profile will be empty.productsadd
  3. In order to add the first product, choose the Add products option.
  4. Choose a product from the list by entering keywords in the Enter product name field. Then type in its price (if the administrator has set the default prices, the Price field will already be filled in):productschoose
  5. You can add another product in the next field where the caption Add a product appears:productsaddonemore
  6. Finally, press the Add button in order to save the new product or products along with their values.
  7. Products and their values will appear in the product area on the right side of the deal’s profile.productsvalue

Adding a product to a new deal

You can add products when creating a new deal. In order to do this:

  1. Find the product in the Products area in the open deal adding form (we’re discussing adding deals in this article: How to add a deal?).dealinfo
  2. A new product will be added. At this point, you can add a specific price to it. If the default prices have been set by an administrator, the price field will contain a value (which you can change if needed).
  3. You can add a deal with one product by pressing the Add button (+) or you can add another product in the next field where the caption Add a product appears:addaproduct
  4. Press the Add button in order to save a new deal together with its product or products:addbuttonindeals
  5. A deal will be added along with the products and their values that are visible in the Products area on the right side of the deal’s profile.productsvalue

Editing and deleting products from a deal’s profile

In order to edit products and their parameters or remove a product completely from a deal’s profile:

  1. Press the Show details link in the Products area located on the right side of the deal’s profile:productsshowdetails
  2.  Open the menu by clicking the arrow.arrow
  3. Choose the Edit option if you want to change the parameters of the product or Remove if you want to delete it completely from the deal’s profile:editremovedeal
  4. Make any additional changes, for example change the price:changeprice
  5. Press Save to save the changes.

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