In Livespace, we create our CRM in the most accessible and sensible way possible. We allow controlling who sees what and which information is available to what kind of user. By default, Deals in Livespace are available for their creator, managers, and dealers with granted access. In order to join a deal, a user has to ask for permission from one of the already added participants. If there’s a need in your company to have the Deals available publicly, accessible to anyone, you can use public Deals.

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How to turn on public deals in Livespace?

Public deals are by default turned off in Livespace. In order to turn them on:

  1. Go to Account settings.
  2. Choose Permissions from the left side menu.
  3. Go to Deals 
  4. Turn on Manager and user can add public deals feature.manageruser
  5. If you want the deal to be added as public by default choose public next to Add deals by default.

Visibility settings

Information about who has access to a deal is on the deals profile in the Visibility settings section.

Go to the deal profile, where you will see information about the visibility in the bottom right corner. Press Change to open the Visibility Settings window. Use the Show detailed information option- this will allow you to check who has access and what actions can be performed on the selected profile.

Information about access to the deal shows what operations in the deal (View, Edit, Delete) can be performed by users depending on their role (administrators, managers, owner, invited, others). Depending on the access settings for specific deals and the type of visibility (Public, Private, Hidden) of the deal, the content of the table may change, but it always maps actual rights.

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