In order to manage your sales team, you need to define clear rules for the evaluation of work of the traders at various stages of their operations (their Key Performance Indicators or KPI’s).

The Balance Scorecard will help you to achieve this goal.

Creating the balanced scorecard

The balanced scorecard can be created by managers and administrators only. In order to create such card:

  1. Go to the Statistics. If you have the manager permissions, you will be able to create cards for all the employees or to some of them only.stats
  2. Choose Targets and results from the left side menu.targetsandresults
  3. Click on Add new card.addnewcard
  4. Select the evaluation period (montly, quarterly or any) and the day when statistics will start counting.scorecardperiod
  5. If you want a new scorecard with the same parameters to be automatically created for a selected user after the end of the evaluation period, enable the option of automatic card duplication for the next periods.
  6. You can create card users or for a team.createcardfor
  7. Add one or more users to create a card for them.selectedusers
  8. Click on Continue.
  9. Add parameters to cards.parameter
  10. Each added (active) parameter can be set up, taking into consideration the final goal that should be achieved, when the counting should start and how important it is for the final evaluation of the dealer’s work. Remember you need to reach 100% when setting up parameters.valueofdeals
  11. When you are done setting up active parameters, click on Continue.
  12. New card will be displayed in the tab.kate

Worth knowing:

  1. When creating the balanced scorecard, besides the parameters that already exist in Livespace, you can also add your own ones, with the unit of measurement you define. Remember that this parameter will not be counted automatically by your CRM – its value will need to be updated manually.
  2. Remember, you can copy an existing card together with its parameters. Thanks to this there won’t be a need to set up parameters from scratch. To do this, use Add similar card option.

Viewing the balanced scorecard

In order to see the Targets and Results cards:

  1. Go to Statistics tab.stats
  2. Choose Targets and results from the left side menu.targetsandresults
  3. You can view the summary of all the cards by switching Show details option on, and also you can use the Group similar option to group cards with the same parameters. 
  4. Or choose a card if you want to see the details.john
  5. You’ll see a summary of the card and all the parameters’ details.currentsc
  6. If you want to see more details click on Details.details
  7. When you click on this option, you’ll see a detailed parameter info.parameterdetails

Editing, exporting and deleting the balanced scorecard

Each card can be edited, you can change it’s parameters or modify them. In order to edit the card click on Edit in the top right corner when the card is open.edit

You’ll see the same Balanced scorecard editor as the one you know from the first step of creating a card. This time the parameters will already be chosen and set, because you’re only editing this card.

You can export or delete the chosen card or all of the cards by clicking on the arrow next to Edit option.remove

After switching Group similar option on, you will gain a possibility to edit parameters of many cards at the same time. To do this, use Edit params on the right side of the summary.

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