Every Livespace task has a person assigned to it. It may be someone who created it, as well as a person responsible for it. Task may also be marked with additional persons, referred to as the Attendees.

How to add task attendees?

To do this:

  1. Press Show details link in the task adding form (or its edition form, if you are adding attendees to an already existing task).b1
  2. Select the Attendees option. b2
    Select the preferred task participants from the list. They will be moved to the Invitees list.b3
  3. At the end, press Add if you are adding a new task with the attendees, or Save if you want to add attendees to the existing task.

Who can be a task attendee?

Task attendee may be any person with the active Livespace account (user), as well as any person introduced to Livespace as a contact.


Users who are marked as task attendees will see the information about the given task on their task lists and calendars.


If there are Livespace contacts among task attendees, information about the task will be displayed on the profile of a given contact.

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