Activities’ statistics allow you to track your sales team’s activities in Livespace CRM. These statistics allow you to see how many people and companies were added to Livespace, as well as how many tasks were created and how many emails were sent.

Viewing the Activities

In order to see the Activities’ statistics:

  1. Go to the Statistics tab.stats
  2. Choose Activities from the left side menu.activities
  3. In this tab, you’ll see a summary of activities.condeals

Statistics concern:

  • Contacts  show a number of new people and companies added to Livespace.
  • Deals  new, won, lost and inactive deals.
  • Planned tasks   both scheduled & completed tasks will be shown in activities. Users can filter when to view (completed, current and future activities). N.B. when filtered by current day, activities will only show completed tasks, not upcoming or pending tasks. Tasks without the realization date won’t be counted.
  • Completed tasks  tasks marked as done, which dates are compatible with the scope of the filters. The date of adding the task is irrelevant.
  • Notes  show how many new notes were added to contacts’ profiles, deals, and spaces.
  • Sent messages  a number of emails sent to Livespace contacts (created based on integration with an email account).

Filtering statistics in Livespace CRM

The statistics can be displayed for the whole company as well as for particular people or teams. You can also decide if they should be displayed from the beginning of using Livespace or for a particular period. Thanks to Your own filtering option you can define the time period you want to see.adamryan

Additional features in Livespace CRM

Under each statistic you’ll find some features:features

  • Distribution over time feature shows a chart which presents when the activity was high and when it was low.chartnew
  • Divided for each person shows a percentage chart where you can see the data for a particular person.person
  • Table shows activities in a table view.tabeview
  • Download an XLS file allows you to download the statistics in a form of an Excel file.xls
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