Livespace allows almost any configuration in terms of users access and permissions to data in CRM. Thanks to this, you reflect the actual structure of your organization along with the applicable access levels.


  • There are 3 Sales Teams in the company.
  • Each salesperson has access to all contacts within his team.
  • The salesperson can edit only those contacts that he is the owner of.


Firstly, enable the option of adding hidden contacts and define that when adding new people and companies, they are added as hidden by default. To do this go to Account settings > Permissions > Visibility

  • Setting up the Owner role.

In order for the owner to be able to edit his contacts, go to Accounts settings > Permissions > Access, choose Edit next to the Owner role and then check Edit a Persons/Companies permission. Repeat this activity for both people and companies.

In the Invited by default field, the Logged in user has been specified. Thanks to that the user, who adds the contact will be the owner of the object without the necessity to set this parameter each time.

  • Setting up the User role.

We want the Participant, i.e. someone invited to contact (for example a teammate) to have no possibility to edit the contact, which is not the Owner. To do so, go to Account settings > Permissions > Access, select Edit in the role Participant and then clear the check mark in the Persons/Companies edit permission. Repeat this action both for Persons and for Companies.

Similarly to the owner role the Invited by default field has been defined. In this case, it’s a User’s main team that adds contact or a deal to Livespace, so there’s no need to define it when adding a new contact or a deal. 


Thanks to such settings, each user has access to their team’s contacts, but only the Owner can edit them. At the same time, users from other teams have no access to them.

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