Regional settings is where you can change the language of Livespace, set up your time zone and change values and numbers’ format in your CRM.

Regional settings

In order to get to the Regional settings, go to Profile settings > Regional settings. In here you can set up your CRM as preferred when it comes to language, numbers, values and time zones.regional

Language settings in Livespace

You can change the display language in Livespace CRM to Polish, English or Russian.

Each user can have their preferred language displayed in the CRM, available only for them, not the whole company. However, even though the majority of data will be available in the preferred language, there will be some data in the language chosen for the whole company by an Administrator.

The language switch, therefore, is applicable to basic features, such as names of tabs, names of system fields, alerts, button names etc.

The language switch won’t change the elements that can be edited and are available for every user for example: typed in texts, types, and statuses of tasks, sales process steps, additional fields names added by someone from the company.

In order to change your Livespace display language:

  1. Go to Profile settings > Regional settings
  2. Click on Language > Interface and choose the language you prefer.lang
  3. Save changes with a Save button in the bottom right corner and refresh the page if needed.

Time zone settings

If you need to switch displayed time zone:

    1. Go to Profile settings > Regional settingsprofileset
    2. In Date and time section choose Timezone and type in or choose your current time zone from the list.timezone
    3. Save changes with a Save button in the bottom right corner and refresh the page if needed.

In Time zone settings, you’ll find more options to adjust to your needs, these are:
1. Time format –  24 or 12 hour clock (H:i – 15:30, h:i a – 3:30 pm)
2. First day of the week – choose your favorite
3. Date format – Y-m-d, d.m.Y, m/d/Y or m/d/y
4. Date and time format

Values and numbers display

If you need to switch values and numbers display:

    1. Go to Profile settings > Regional settingsprofileset
    2. You’ll have options available there, for Numbers:
      Decimal symbol – , or .
      Decimal accuracy – 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4
      Thousands separator – , or .
    3. And for Values:
      Money format – value symbol (eg. 125$) or symbol value (eg. $125)
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