Livespace allows you to add private tasksthose that are intended to their owner onlyHowever, in certain circumstances, a private task may be also available for another user.

In this article, we described:

Adding the private task

To make the task private during its adding or editing:

  1. Press Show details link.b1
  2. Mark the Private task option.a5


Who can see private task?

A private task is a special type of task, which is not subject to other rules related to sharing tasks to the other users and resulting from  Livespace activity. A private task is visible only for:

  1. The person submitting the task.
  2. The person responsible for the task (if it is a different person than the one adding a task).
  3. Defined as Attendees of the given task.

This rule has precedence over any other rules. This means that:

  • Other users do not see your private tasks as long as they are not assigned to a specific task.
  • Managers do not see your private tasks as long as one of them is not assigned to a specific task.
  • A private task is not visible on a profile of a person, company, deal or space by none other than the person authorised to see the task (submitting or responsible), regardless of who has access to that person, company, deal or space.
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