Do your clients use Calendly to choose a convenient date for presentation of the product and book a meeting with you? Connect Calendly to Livespace by using Zapier application, so that when you book a meeting, you can create a deal in Livespace that includes the date of the meeting.

How does the Livespace integration with Calendly work?

  1. You book a meeting in Calendly.
  2. Zapier automatically adds a new person and a deal to Livespace.

Zapier configuration

Step 1 – Trigger

  1. Log in to your Zapier account and press Make a Zap!

  2. Select the application that will trigger the action, Trigger App. Find Calendly in the list of applications.
  3. Choose Invitee created and confirm the choice by Continue.
  4. Connect Zapier to your Calendly account. Press Sign in to Calendly
  5. Enter the API Key and confirm with Yes, continue
  6. Test the connection.*At this stage complete a test form to download sample data useful for further configuration.

Step 2 – Action

    1. Choose Livespace from the list of applications:
    2. Set action Create Person
    3. Connect Zapier to your Livespace account. Choose Sign in to Livespace
      1. Account name, for instance
      2. API key and API secret of selected user.In the new window, enter the data from Livespace (you will find it in your Livespace account, in the tab Account settings > API > Users):
    4. Confirm with Yes, continue

In the next step, determine person’s details you want to transfer to Livespace.

Step 3 – Action

      1. Go to the next step configuration – select Action and choose Livespace.
      2. Determine that the action is adding a new deal, i.e. Create Deal.
      3. Log in to your Livespace account.
      4. Select your Livespace account in Zapier.
      5. In the next step, select the data that should appear in a deal.
      6. Name your Zap and run it. Ready!

After booking a meeting, a new deal will appear in your Livespace account.

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