The Wall is a place for storing information about the contact’s history and the activities related to it. Posts on the Wall represent a history of activities associated with the person, company, deal or space. Sometimes, a post gets placed not where we want it to be. Sometimes, there is a need to copy it to another Wall. In Livespace we made it very simple.

What kind of posts can we move – and what for?

Some of the posts on your Wall are annotations which pop up automatically when you or someone from your team makes an action on person’s, company’s or deal’s profile (same for spaces). Such annotation in Livespace are called ‘activities’, those you cannot move freely:activ

Posts on the Wall can also be a result of adding a personal note.note

If you added a note to a person’s profile and now you want to place it on the company’s or deal’s profile as well, there is a useful feature for that – Move/Copy function. You can also move the email correspondence that is automatically stored on a person’s wall (if your mailbox is connected to Livespace).

How to copy a post to another Wall?

To move or copy the post to a new place:

  1. Expand the popup menu visible next to the post and click on the item Move/Copy.movecompy
  2. Livespace will give you a hint about most likely profiles to move or copy the given post to. For example, if it concerns a person, Livespace will hint to move it to the Wall of the company for which the person works, or to the Wall of the deal for which this person is responsible.copyto
  3. Choose the new location for the post and confirm the operation with Continue button. nodelete

How to move a post to another Wall?

Let’s suppose that you want to move the post (delete it from one Wall simultaneously posting it on another (without copying). Simply follow the process of copying, but switch on the option Delete here. This operation should also be confirmed by pressing Continue.deletehere

Worth knowing:

  • To help you find desired information we introduced the option of filtering entries on the Wall. When you expand the list of filters, you can select the post’s author, its type (activity, note, email, phone), or type in the keyword which should be included in its content.

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