In Livespace CRM, by default, each contact and deal has an owner, that is, a specific user who is responsible for the contact. You can manually change the owner, by assigning the item to another person. In some companies, the model of working with clients also provides that there are ‘free’ contacts, without a specific owner,  those that can be taken by any person. We also took into consideration this situation in Livespace.

Change the owner of a single contact or deal in Livespace CRM

By default, the user who added contact is an owner of the contact or a deal. If you want to change the owner:

1. Go to the contact profile and press Edit

2. Next, in the edit form, select the new user in the Owner field. This person will become the new owner of the contact or the deal.

Change the owner of many items at once

If you want to change the owner for multiple contacts or deals at the same time, use the List operations.

1. Go to the Contacts tab or the Deals tab

2. Press on List operations

3. Now select the elements for which you want to change the owner, or use the Select all option.

4. Select the Change user action

5. Select role in the objects (in this case the Owner) and indicate the user you want to become the new owner of the selected objects

6. Confirm the change by pressing Save.

No owner option

As you already know, by default every contact in Livespace has the owner. If you need to use contacts without a specific owner at work, do this:

  1. Open Account settings

2. Go to Permissions > Access > Owner > Actions > Edit.

3. In order to use contacts (Persons and Companies) without a specific Owner at work, the checkbox for Required Role should be empty in the Persons and Companies sections. In the case of deals, you must uncheck the checkbox under Required Role in the Deal section.

4. Confirm changes with the Save button.

Note: If you add a contact or a deal that requires an Owner, and you forget to assign one, you will receive an appropriate warning.

Automatically remove inactive Owners

You can also specify the period of inactivity in the object, after which the Owner will be automatically removed. The existing Owner will receive notification of the change. To set the automatic removal of inactive Owners:

  1. Go to Account settings > Permissions > Access > Owner > Actions > Edit.

2. Set the option to Automatically remove owner after the deadline in the Change the Owner automatically section. This feature can be very useful when you plan to make it available for another person to take over inactive – overlooked or forgotten – contacts and deals. It gives you the confidence that such elements will not be left to themselves, which may lead to dropping down of important activities and even alienate your clients to you. What’s more, if you are a manager, this functionality always lets you know when someone in the company pays not enough attention to his or her duties

Search for contacts and deals without an owner

Contacts and deals without an owner can be found on the list after using filtering: Owner filter, value No user.

Contacts and deals of the removed  user

If you need to include in your lists or statistics contacts and deals that are owned by a user already removed from Livespace, you can enable the visibility of this data in Livespace settings by the option Show deleted users on the lists filters, do this:

1.Go to the Account Settings > Users > Users.

2. Once you delete an active seat, you will have the option of displaying the deleted users in your lists.

3. Select Show deleted users on lists filters option.

Then deals and contacts, the owner of which was the user removed already from the CRM, will be visible on the lists and in the statistics.

Permissions to change the owner

By default, in Livespace, each user can change the owner of deals or contacts. If you want to prevent the owner to be changed without the permission of the manager:

  1. Go to Account settings > Permissions > Access > Owner > Actions > Edit.

2. Select the roles that will be allowed to change an Owner in the objects in the Advanced settings section.

3. Confirm changes with the Save button.

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