You can both retrieve the password that you have forgotten and change your current one in the Profile settings in Livespace.

In this article, we describe:

Retrieving forgotten password

In order to get back your forgotten password:

  1. Go to to the login page (you can access it using the unique URL created for your company, that is, Next, press Forgot your password? button under the login form.
  2. Livespace will ask you for your email address to which we will send you a link to change your password. The email address needs to match the email address that is visible in your Livespace profile.
  3. After you have entered your email address, press Continue.
  4. You will receive a confirmation message that an email with a password retrieval link has been sent to your email address.

Changing password

When you are logged into Livespace, you can change your password in the Profile settings. To do this:

  1. Go to the Profile settings.profilesettings
  2. Choose Password from the menu on the left side.
  3. Enter your current password and then a new one (you have to enter a new password in the next two fields). Remember that passwords in the fields called New password and Repeat new password need to be the same.
  4. Save changes by pressing Change password.
  5. Livespace will let you know if the password change process has been successful.
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