A wall occupies the central place on the profiles of contacts, deals, and spaces. A wall is like a list of activities, notes, files, and emails related to contacts or deals. Posts on Livespace walls are arranged in a chronological order. To help you locate interesting information we introduced the option of filtering such posts. After expanding the list of filters, you can specify the author, post type (activity, note, email, or a file), or enter the words that should be contained in the post content. You can also filter posts by tags, but only if the posts have been previously tagged.

Filtering the posts on a wall

To activate post filters on a wall:

  1. Go to the wall on which you want to filter the posts. This can be, for example, the wall of the Dashboard.dashboardtab
  2. Click on the Filter posts link.
  3. The window that opens allows you to decide what type of posts will be displayed on the wall. You can determine whether the post should be related to, for example, people or companies, the post type, who has added it and when, whether it contains files, or if it’s followed by you. You can also enter a keyword that should be included in the content of the filtered posts.filters123

Including the posts from other walls

To see on a deal’s profile all of the information related to a contact or a deal, you can display posts from walls of people and companies to which the deal is related. You can also show posts from the walls of deals on the walls of contacts.filters123This way, with a single click, you can find out about deal statuses (without the need to look at each deal’s profile separately) or, when you are already on a deal’s profile, what e-mails you have recently exchanged with your customer. For better visibility, posts from related elements are highlighted.

Copying a post to a deal

If you decide that a post added on a profile wall (for example, an email on a contact’s wall) is linked to a particular deal, you can copy it to that deal. To do this:

  1. Expand menu located in the upper-right corner of the post.Kopiowanie wpisu w LiveSpace CRM
  2. Choose the Move/copy option.movecopy2
  3. Open the Copy to* menu located in a newly opened window. Then select a deal to which you want to copy the post.copyto
  4. You can also select Delete here option to remove the post from its original place. In the end, press Continue.nodelete
  5. You will receive a confirmation message stating that the post has been copied.


Worth knowing:

  • For your convenience, the last filter settings are saved so you do not need to choose filters every time to see, for example, only notes (without activities and emails).
  • You can export notes from profiles, to read more about it click here.
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