Livespace filters allow you to specify exactly what data you want to see on the list, making it more transparent and making your work with the list more efficient and much faster.


You can filter the following elements:

  • Companies and people on the lists in the Contacts tab.
  • Tasks on the Tasks list.
  • Deals and Finance on the Deals list.
  • Spaces on the Spaces list.
  • Posts on your Dashboard.
  • Posts on the walls of contacts, deals and spaces.
  • Tasks in the Calendar.
  • Selected statistics.

Filtering by specified criteria

For example, to filter out specific contacts according to criteria set by you:
1.    Go to the Contacts tab.contacts
2.    Select Companies or People depending on type of contact you want to filter.companiespeopleheader
3.    On the contacts list bar, expand the Filter menu.filters
4.    Suppose you want to filter out contacts modified on a particular date. Select Modified option from a section Dates in the Filter menu.filtermod
5.    Livespace will ask you to enter the date range. Select the same day in the From: and To: fields and press Apply.filtersamedate
6.    The list will be reorganized for you using a date filter, and a blue label will appear with the name and parameters of the filter on the list’s bar.samedayfilter
7.   If you want to add another filter, open the Filter menu again and choose new filter, for example: Created by.filtercreatedby
8.    Livespace will ask you to choose the person who added the contact from a list of people.createdby
9.    Confirm your selection by pressing Apply.
10.    The new blue label with added filter appears on the list’s bar.filterstwo
You can add as many filters as you need. The list will contain exactly the information that you want to see. If you want to add more filters, just repeat the above steps.
You can also roll the bar to hide filter labels:foltercollapse

Removing and saving filters

You can remove a filter pressing on the x on the blue label.
Or immediately clear all filters with the Clear filters option.filtersclearall

To save a set of filters in order to use it in the future:
1.    Expand the list’s bar – if it’s rolled.filtersrolled
2.    Press the Save filters option.filtersave

3.    Livespace will ask you about the name to the filter set, and if this set should be visible for all the employees.filterset
4.    After entering the name, press Save.
5.    The set of filters will be added to the menu on the left.filtersaved

Filters available on the lists in the Contacts tab

The data on the lists of Contacts tab may be filtered according to the following criteria:

  • Datesfor example, according to the date of creation or modification of the contacts.
  • Users– for example, according to contact owners or users who modified this contact.
  • Main information – for example, according to the names or company names in your contacts.
  • Contact details – for example, according to e-mail or phone of the contact.
  • Address detailsfor example, by street or city of the given contact.
  • Otherfor example, according to the forecasted revenues or tasks completed for the contact.
  • Ties by relations (links) of a contact.

Filters available on the lists in the Tasks tab

You can filter the information in the task list by:

  • Main information for example, by name or task priority.
  • Dates – for example, according to contact owners or users who modified this contact.
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