Livespace gives you a possibility to both upload files from the computer on which you are working, and use the files you keep in the Dropbox ( In the first case (uploading from your disc) selected files are placed in the Livespace server and you can access them at any time. In the second case (Dropbox) only a link to the file from Dropbox is stored in Livespace, so if you delete a file from Dropbox, it will be no longer available in Livespace, too.

Adding files on the wall (with the possibility to choose a file from your local disc or Dropbox)screenshot_1

Selecting the second option will open a new window. You will be asked to log in to Dropbox (Livespace does not store the access data to Dropbox, so user authentication is done inside the Dropbox):
After logging in, you will see a list of folders and files. You can choose one file only or several files at the same time. After choosing them, click the Select button to confirm the files you’ve chosen.

The selected files are now linked to Livespace. They will appear on the wall after adding a new post with files.

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