Safety and privacy issues are paramount for every CRM tool.

Here at Livespace, it is of the utmost importance to ensure the safety of our customers’ data. We commit to compliance with data protection and privacy laws generally applicable to IT service providers. As a provider of a cloud service, we must run our services with common operational practices and features across multiple customers and jurisdictions. To help our customers comply with their own requirements, we build our services with common privacy and security requirements in mind, and our built-in capabilities help enable compliance with a wide range of regulations and privacy mandates.

In anticipation of, and compliance with, the updated GDPR regulations (effective from May 2018), Livespace keeps a thorough record of how and when an individual gives consent to store and use their personal data (consent meaning an active agreement). To ensure full compliance, Livespace is currently undergoing extensive information audits.

Where is the data from Livespace CRM stored?

The application and the Livespace system data are held in high-class data centers in Poland, led by the ATM S.A. company. Servers are guaranteed to be available at a  99.98% level. The server room meets the highest safety standards and requirements of the information storage of GIODO.

How are the servers protected?

Servers which run and contain Livespace data are physically protected by the following means:

  1. The room is secured with a fire resistant door > = 30 min.
  2. The windows are enforced with bars, shutters or security film
  3. Space is equipped with anti-theft alarm system
  4. Access to the room is controlled by the control system
  5. Access to the room is controlled by the monitoring system equipped with CCTV cameras
  6. During the absence of the employees, access to the room is supervised by security guards with the use of CCTV systems
  7. The room is supervised by the guards through CCTV cameras 24/7
  8. Premises are protected from fire with fire prevention systems and/or fire extinguisher.


How is information protected from being lost?

The information stored in Livespace is backed up every six hours on local servers and additionally every 24 hours on an independent disk space, outside of the basic infrastructure. In the case of damage or accidental data erasure, it is possible to restore the backup database using a selected backup (with the specified day and time) on request.


Does anyone have insight into my data?

Information stored on the server are confidential and are not disclosed to any parties. Data entered into Livespace is never used for purposes other than providing the service, including performing backup and recovery (such as testing recovery backup data for validation and correction purposes), attempts to recreate errors and failures in the system reported by the customer, also statistical analysis to improve application functionality, developing its new functionalities and publishing examples of methods of use and the results of the statistical analysis. Employees of Livespace Ltd. have no direct access to customers account and their access to databases on the server side is limited to selected technical staff only, to the extent necessary for the proper service provision. Details concerning the data access by Livespace Ltd. company are specified in the Terms and Conditions.

The access to data and application is possible through an encrypted SSL connection authorized by an appropriate security certificate.

Is it possible to export the data?

Yes, export of basic data is possible at any time. Information can be saved to XLS file. Basic information is all the data available on the lists, therefore you can export: a list of persons, a list of companies, a list of coworkers and deals list. In the exported file you can find all of the information that can be displayed in a detailed list (including additional fields). If you want to do it by yourself, here’s a separate article.

We also provide an advanced export, but it must be done by one of our employees. Such an export contains:

  • List of companies
  • List of persons
  • List of coworkers
  • List of deals
  • List of spaces
  • List of tasks
  • People history (past activities)
  • Companies history (past activities)
  • Deals history (past activities)
  • Spaces history (past activities)
  • List of incomes and costs in deals
  • The list of files attached and tar.gz archives containing files.

Data is written using the ID numbers of individual elements, allowing proper identification and cross-assignment. For commercial Livespace customers (not during test periods) a single advanced export is done free of charge.

Who is the owner of the information entered into Livespace?

Livespace Ltd. provides a tool for data processing. According to the regulations, the client (Recipient), is the owner of all the information entered by them or the users for whom they enabled access to the Application. According to the regulations, Recipient declares that in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (art. 7 pkt 4) they are the Administrator of personal data entered into the Application and process them in accordance with the law. When resigning from Livespace services, the customer has the right to request to remove all of the entered data permanently.

Is it possible to sign an agreement on entrusting the processing of your personal data?

Yes – if it is necessary to register the database in GIODO, such an agreement can be significant. To sign the agreement to entrust the processing of personal information with Livespace Ltd. please contact us via e-mail – we will send the appropriate contract.

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