It is possible to turn on Cyclical (recurring) products in Livespace. This feature is very useful when you sell your products cyclically, for example as a subsrcription or in set periods of time.

Turning on cyclical products

In order to turn cyclical (recurring) products on:

  1. As an Administrator go to Account settings.accset
  2. Choose Deals from the left side
  3. Turn on Cyclical (recurring) products.3-1

Adding cyclical products

When you turn this feature on, you can add cyclical (recurring) products. We discuss how to add products in detail here).

  1. Click on Add products in Products section in the bottom right corner of the Deal’s profile.productsadd
  2. Find a product on the list.productsaddonemore
  3. Then, set product’s recurrence. cyclical
  4. When you set recurrence and input the price, you’ll see the sum for the total period of time. You can now save the product by clicking on Add.dates
  5. The product will be visible in Products section in the bottom right corner of the deal’s profile. In here you’ll see the number of repetitions of the product as well. Click on Show details, to see the prices for individual periods of time.1-15

  6. You’ll see cyclical recurrences of a particular product in a new window.recurring

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