Livespace gives you the possibility to display only the most important data with the option to create your own views on lists. This feature will allow you to view only the most needed information.

How to create a custom list view?

  1. Go to the list on which you want to create a custom view and press the View drop-down menu at the header of the list.
  2. Select an option Create custom view from the extended menu.viewcustom
  3. View settings window will pop up, type a name for the view and move selected items to the field visible under the name. You can also decide if the view should be available only for you of for all employees from your company (Public option).viewcustomchart
  4. Click on Save to save the new view.

How to turn on a new view on the list?

After creating the new view, it will appear on the list of available views. You will find there the default views, the views created by you, and publicly added by others.

To enable the newly created view:

  1. Select View from the list header.
  2. Your new view is added to the bottom of the list. viewmynewNote also that the option Create own in the View menu changed to Manage views.
  3. Click on this option if you want to add another view, then select Add a new view.viewaddnew

Modifying the existing views

You can edit, copy and delete your created views.

To modify the view:

  1. Open the View menu.
  2. Select the Manage views option.viewmynew
  3. Choose the preferred option: Edit, Copy or Delete from the Actions field.viewmanage
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