Connecting the mailbox to Livespace CRM

After connecting one or more email accounts to Livespace any correspondence with your customers will be transferred directly to their contact history and you won’t have to create handwritten notes concerning emails anymore. If Livespace finds an email sent from or to the address owned by specific CRM contact in your correspondence, it assigns it to the appropriate contact.

Attention  whether you can connect an email account may depend on your system permissions.

Adding an email account

To connect your email account to Livespace:

  1. Go to the Account settings and choose the Email accounts tab.accsettings
  2. Press the link Add new account.addnewaccount
  3. In settings specify basic information concerning your mail server (note that only IMAP servers are supported):addaccform
    Your email account information will be the same as the one you used to set up your email program. If you are not sure about the email settings, you can probably get it from your mail provider or IT department in the company
  4. Specify additional information when setting up an account. In this section, you can indicate who owns the mailbox and whether Livespace should store only received, only sent, or both kinds of emails. addaccform
  5. Specify who can see messages from the linked mailbox. You can choose whether these messages will be visible for each Livespace user, for the account owner and managers only, or for the account owner only. You can also decide if emails from this account will be displayed on the Dashboard.addaccform
  6. Confirm adding the new account with the Add button.

List of accounts

On the accounts list, you will see information about the number of messages that were downloaded and assigned to the contacts, as well as the times of their last synchronization – for each account separately. An assigned message is the one for which Livespace has found a contact with the same email address and then linked this message to that contact.

Here you can also edit or delete linked email accounts.assigned

Sending emails from multiple accounts

In Automation package you can send messages from multiple email accounts. It means that the user can connect maximum 3 email accounts to his profile.

If you connected more than 1 email account, you will have the option to choose the email account from which you want to send a message.

In Settings, you will be able to check whether sending emails from given account is active and to choose, which account is the default one.

In Livespace, you can add your own footer. In order to do that:

  1. Go to Profile settings > E-mail accounts
  2. Go to Signature tab:sign
  3. Fill in your signature, use tools available on the top if you need them and hit Save:john
  4. You can also see your footer in a coding mode, by using Code View feature:code
  5. Paste the code of your signature (if you have one) and save changes:codefooter

Additional information

  • If your mailbox is correctly set up, you can start sending your messages directly from Livespace as well as set up automatic email sequence.
  • After setting up an account, by default, we fetch your messages from 14 days ago. We have adopted such restriction to limit the number of messages retrieved from the server. These are often thousands of messages from several years and downloading them all is not necessary for testing Livespace. If our client decides to work with Livespace, we can set the date range and retrieve other, older messages in a proper time – for example, at night, when the server load is reduced.
  • E-mail accounts are synchronized periodically every few minutes. If you need to refresh the list of emails immediately, you can use the Download new messages button, available in the Email messages tab.

  • Retrieved messages are assigned to contacts (both people and companies) based on email addresses from the following fields: sender, recipient, and copy to
  • Livespace collects full text of messages and information about attachments. The attachments are not downloaded from the mail server to Livespace server. However, when a given user wants to download an attachment, Livespace connects to the IMAP server and fetches the file content.


Worth knowing:

  • Once you delete a message from the email server, Livespace continues to see its content, but there is no possibility of downloading the attachments.
  • If a message cannot be linked to any existing contacts, Livespace saves it with a special mark. Once a day we review these messages, checking if they can be assigned to one of the newly added contacts.
  • You can search the email contents using a search engine (just like in the case of other posts on the contact wall).
  • Your account will deactivate after 10 failed attempts to connect to the server.