The Balanced Scorecard

In order to manage your sales team, you primarily need to define clear rules for the evaluation of work of the traders at various areas of their operations. The Balanced Scorecard will help you to achieve this goal.

Creating the Balanced Scorecard

  • Go to the Statistics > Targets and Results. If you have the manager permissions, you will be able to create cards for all the employees or to some of them only. You can also select the evaluation period.
  • In the second step, choose the parameters by which you usually evaluate the work of a given trader. You can use the default ones, such as Value of sales wins, or create your own parameters.


Worth knowing:

  • You can have several evaluation cards for a given person – for example, for the following months. However, if you have not scheduled more cards, the last card will be automatically duplicated in the next evaluation period.
  • Some parameters added to the card will require manual refilling. After opening the card type the desired values or change it by plus / minus icons.