Task reminders

You can add a special reminder to each of your LiveSpace tasks. Reminders are set with a certain advance and act independently for every single task.

How to add a reminder to the existing task?

To add a reminder to the given task:

  1. Go to the Tasks tab.Zakładka Zadania w LiveSpace CRM
  2. Select a task to which you want to add the reminder.Wybieranie zadania z listy w LiveSpace CRM
  3. In the task editing form, press Add reminder.Przypomnienie zadania w LiveSpace CRM
  4. You can add any number of reminders. For example, you can choose that you will see the individual reminder on 15 minutes and 5 minutes before starting the task (by adding two independent reminders).Możemy dodać dowolną liczbę przypomnień, ustalając na przykład, że chcemy otrzymać przypomnienie na 10 minut i na 1 godzinę przed rozpoczęciem zadania (dodając dwa przypomnienia). Przypomnienie o zadaniu wysyłane jest na nasz adres e-mail i pojawia się jako powiadomienie w LiveSpace
  5. Task reminder is sent to your e-mail address and also appears as a notification in LiveSpace.

How to add a reminder when creating new task?

Task adding form is almost the same as the task editing form. When you create a new task, simply press the Add Reminder link to configure this feature.Przypomnienie zadania w LiveSpace CRM

Who gets the reminder?

Task reminder is an individual matter of each single user. This means that if you added a new task and pointed someone else as the person responsible for it, or if you assigned additional users to your task, your own alarm set will not be displayed for these users. However, they can set their own independent reminders, according to their preferences.