Document templates

The document templates implemented in LiveSpace can help you to automatically create similar documents. Using the pre-defined templates of Word (.docx), Excel (.xlsx) or PowerPoint files (.pptx) completed with appropriate fields, you can quickly generate ready contracts, offers, sales statements and pro forma invoices.

How to turn on the document templates in LiveSpace?

In order to launch the document templates support, go to the Settings > Files tab and use the Turn on file templates button:


After turning it on you will be able to generate a new document from the selected template.

How to generate document from the template?

To generate a new document based on the template, go to the deals profile. There will be the tab Files in the right column – the list of all files added to this particular deal. If you previously ran the document template support, you will be able to use the option Add from template.


You will find the list of all available templates available to use on the deals profile.


After selecting the proper template you can download the template document filled with some information.  You may find it ready to send to your customer, or you may need to manually make the necessary corrections, of add information that is not included in the template. You can also automatically save the generated document to LiveSpace by selecting the option After downloading save the file on the whiteboard.

By default, the available templates concern deals and this is the only tab where this new feature is implementedHowever, if you want to use templates on the profiles of persons or companies, you can also add your own templates and define their usability.

Additional information

To take full advantage of the opportunities offered by document templates read the additional information on this topic: