In LiveSpace, it is possible to include discounts in the deal value. To do so, you need to have the discount option turned on in the Account settings.


How to activate discounts in LiveSpace CRM?

To turn discounts on:

  1. Go to the Account settings.
  2. From the menu on the left side, select Deals.Zakładka Sprzedaże w ustawieniach LiveSpaceCRM
  3. Then go to the Discounts and margin tab.Zakładka Rabaty i marża w LiveSpace CRM
  4. Activate the option

    Włączenie rabatów w ustawieniach LiveSpace CRM

Adding a discount to a deal

After activating discounts in LiveSpace, it is possible to add incomes on deal profiles with a discount expressed as a percentage value.Okno dodawania przychodu i rabatu w LiveSpace CRM


In this case, LiveSpace remembers two types of value: the starting value and the value with the granted discount.

By introducing the income with a discount, the total deal value will include the amount after the discount. On a detailed statement, there will be information about values that include a discount.Wyświetlanie rabatu przy przychodzie w LiveSpace CRM

You can have different discounts for forecasted and realized values – for example, due to negotiations with the customer.

Alert in the case of too high a discount

There is also an additional option – the possibility of sending notifications to the manager if a discount given by a sales rep exceeds a certain threshold. Alerts, as well as discounts, can be set up in the Accounts settings, after selecting Deals in the left menu and the Discounts and margin tab.Alert o rabatach w LiveSpace CRM

By default, all managers are informed about exceeding the maximum discount value via LiveSpace notifications.

If you use teams in LiveSpace, information on exceeding the maximum permissible discount will be sent only to the managers of this team to which the sales representavie granting the discount belongs (it will be also sent to all the overarching teams).


Worth knowing:

  • Discounts are also taken into account in detailed financial statements.