Google Chrome integration

Integration with Google Chrome makes it possible to instantly add new contacts to LiveSpace CRM.

How does it work?

When you browse peoples profiles on popular networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, GoldenLine, Twitter, and others, a little icon with LiveSpace logo appears in the address bar.

Integracja CRM i Google Chrome


After clicking on the icon, you will see a brief summary of the found information about the specific person. You can change or modify it before saving to LiveSpace. The basic information are collected person’s name and surname, profile picture, email address, telephone number, position and company name – depending on what information was available on the profile of the person. When you press the Add contact button, these information will be copied to your LiveSpace account.

Integracja CRM i Google Chrome


You can also save the addresses of the personal profiles in social networks on the LiveSpace profile of the given contact – whenever you want. This allows you to quickly obtain additional information about the person. For example, it may be useful if you prepare for a meeting and want to check on what projects this person was working, in which discussions took part, and so on.

Social CRM


LiveSpace plug-in to Google Chrome allows you to instantly download information from the following networking sites:


Google Chrome plug-in allows adding to LiveSpace both companies and people profiles it recognizes itself what type of data are available on the site and allows you to add the appropriate type of contact with one click.


Where can I get Google Chrome plug-in?

The plug-in can be downloaded from Google Store. It is available at: chrome-social-contact

How does the Google Chrome plug-in work in practice?

It is demonstrated in the following video.