Finances tab is a handheld list of all the amounts we have defined in LiveSpace CRM. In contrast to the deal list, the key element in this tab is specific amount resulting from forecasted and realized incomes.

In this article, we describe:


Finances tab view

In the basic view of the Finances tab you have insight into four key columns:

  • Income category, the name of the sales for which income is appended and optional description of the income if it has been introduced
  • Date of income (forecasted or realized)
  • Forecasted value
  • Realization valueWidok zakładki Finansów w LiveSpace CRM

Costs in the finances tab

After switching on the option of cost handling in LiveSpace there will be also forecasted and realized costs in our view. For an easy distinction of income the cost are marked in red. Same as for of Income – the predicted values can be seen in the Forecast column and realized values in the Realization column.

Worth knowing:

  • Finanse tab works just like any other list, so you can memorize own filters to have easy access to updated data, according to selected filters.For more about memorizing filters, see the section Remembering the filters on lists.
  • If you want to view the data in a tabular, change the view settings to Detailed view.
  • You can quickly export the data to an Excel file using the XLS file icon in the top right corner of the list, and then start with the further data processing out of LiveSpace.