API – documentation and information

Livespace API allows you to integrate Livespace with many external applications – you can do it on your own, or in cooperation with our support team.

In this article you’ll find:

API capabilities

Livespace API allows for the fully automatic addition of the new contacts that filled out the registration/contact form and send it to the CRM system.

In practice, this usually means performing the activities such as:

  • Filling in the contact form
  • Leaving the data on the website
  • Setting up an account in SaaS – type application
  • Automatic addition of a deal after making a purchase in the online store
  • Supplementing the information about contacts from another system used in the company

After integrating the used registration/contact form with Livespace, your data will go straight to Livespace CRM, with regard to the proper origin of the contact. Livespace API is available free of charge for each user account.


Detailed information about the API can be found in the Documentation.


To make it easier to communicate your applications with our API, we prepared SDK for PHP. Using the SDK you can easily communicate with the API, focusing on the performance of specific activities rather than on the details of communication and data exchange.

To obtain the SDK library, please contact us using the address: support (at) livespace.io