If you open a new deal in Livespace, you also open the whole sales process linked to that deal. It is visible on the right side of the profile (list) of all the open deals.

What is the sales process?

The sales process is one of the most important components of Livespace CRM. It allows you to achieve better sales results and may help in determining the chances of winning your deals. It sets out the steps that should be taken within the framework of the deal activities. It is also a checklist that allows you to determine precisely the level of advancement of the given deal.

In our opinion sales are not linear. They consist of a series of nonlinear, single actions, not always performed in a certain order, or perhaps performed at all. 


Any activity carried out within the framework of the sales process increases the likelihood of its successful completion. If you lose a deal at a given stage of the process, Livespace will know to which stage you managed to get to. This is very important from the perspective of analyzing the effectiveness of your work – by this, you will know at which stages you lose your potential customers most often, and consequently  how you should improve your sales process.dealstatuslost

The impact of individual actions on the chances of winning a deal is due to the way of setting up the sales process ie. determining which actions are more important/less important in this process. Livespace will suggest you the default sales process at the moment of opening your account, but you can freely modify it using the Sales stage configuration in the Account settings (Deals tab).


Worth knowing:

  • Since each company uses a slightly different selling process and differently evaluate the impact of individual actions on the likelihood of winning a deal, it is strongly recommended to modify the default values in the Deals > Processes section in Account settings. For more about this topic, read the article Managing deals’ stages and steps
  • Livespace makes it possible to reflect more than one sales process. This allows you, for example, to lead the deals with your customers from the VIP group in a different way than those from other groups. For more information, go to the article Multiple sales processes
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