Task list is a feature that helps to keep track of all your tasks and plan their realization. The model of dealing with tasks in Livespace involves common task management methods knownamong the othersfrom the David Allen method Getting Things Done. Livespace successfully applies these methods to the CRM system.

Task list elements

The task section is divided into six useful parts. These are:

  1. Task list
    Showing your current tasks, depending on the selected filters.
  2. Your tasks
    Allowing for quick deadlines assigning to your tasks, as well as easy filtering.
  3. Responsible
    Filter allowing you to view the tasks according to the person responsible for their realization.
  4. Type
    Filter allowing you to show tasks of specified type only.
  5. Settings
    Tools to set sharing tasks to other users or external tools.
  6. Advanced filters
    Advanced filters to restrict the list of tasks to the ones fulfilling certain criteria.

Tasks in Livespace

In some sense, your tasks are compartments created in order to help you to organize things to do. Tasks that do not have the assigned date of realization will be visible in the All and Inbox compartmentsAn overdue task will appear in an Overdue compartment. The next four compartments (Today, Tomorrow, This Week, Next Week) collects tasks that you planned for the specified future. In the future compartment is used to keep the tasks that are not urgent, but you want to remember them. The last compartment, Done, shows the tasks that have already been completed.a6

Moving tasks

To easily classify tasks, just drag a specific task to a selected compartment.a7

 Responsible filter

Responsible Filter allows you to show the tasks that are assigned to other people. Depending on your permissions (user or manager) and tasks shared with you, you may see different tasks on this list.

If you are a manager, you will be able to see all the people in Livespace, as well as the tasks on which they are actually working. If you are a user, you will see here the tasks of others, but only if you have access to them through task sharing (for all or for specific type tasks only), and those tasks that you assigned to someone.a8

Type section

The type filter allows you to limit the display of tasks only to a specific type, according to the selected type of task defined by its creator. Types of tasks can be adjusted to your individual needs.a9

For more about the types of tasks, read the separate article.

Filters and sorting

Using the filters and sorting features, you can build complex, custom filters that meet several criteria. They can be submitted freely on the basis of the available parameter list. If such set of criteria is used very often, you can also save it with the Save filter button, so that it will be always available in a single click.a10

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