With the use of lists, you can display large amounts of information in a convenient and organized way. All contacts, tasks, deals, finance and spaces in Livespace may be viewed in the list form. Each list has its own settings, by which you can show only the data you want and need to see – which will translate into better efficiency and speed of your work.

List views

You can adjust the view of any list, so the data will be presented in different ways.  Altering the view changes also the amount and type of displayed information. Although the types of views are the same regardless of whether the list contains people tasks or spaces, not every list has all available Livespace views – for example, the list of deals has five views option, while the task list provides only two views.

In general, Livespace provides the following list views:

  • Simplepresents basic information such as the name and phone number.people
  • Extended – provides some additional information such as the date of last activity.extended
  • Column displays information in a spreadsheet-style and allows you to quickly sort them using the active headers.viewcolumn
  • Tiles shows information as tiles forming a chessboard. In this view, the graphic elements are often accented.tiles
  • Company view used only on the list in the deals tabIt is very similar to the extended view, however, the name of the company (not the deals name) constitutes its most important information. This is useful if you do not enter unique names for deal projects and distinguish them primarily on the basis of the customer.viewdeals

Changing the list view

To change the list view, for example for your contact list:

  1. Go to the proper tab. In this case, it will be Contacts tab.contacts
  1. Select the list you want to view: Companies or People.companiespeople
  1. At the list bar expand the menu of the view by pressing the simple view (the name of this option may vary depending on recently selected view – for example, you may see the Extended view instead).
  1. From the drop-down menu select the type of view: Simple, Extended, Column or Tiles.view

In the same way, you can change the view of any list in Livespace. The data displayed in views will differ depending on the type of list, but the basic characteristics of the view stay the same.

Creating your own list view

In Livespace you can also create your own customized list view suitable for your needs. We devoted a separate article entitled Creating your own view on the lists to this issue.

Sorting and filtering information on lists

Elements on Livespace lists may be sorted or filtered. The difference between the two functionalities is that sorting sets all visible items in a list (eg. contacts) according to specified hierarchy depending on what sort option is selected (sorting, for example, can sort items alphabetically). In turn, the filtering hides the list items that do not meet chosen criteria (may, for example, show only the items that begin with the letter ‘A’).

Sorting information on lists

Information on the lists can be sorted for example by name, creation date or date of last activity. Sorting options are different for various lists – for example, the task list has the option of sorting by date of completion, which is unnecessary (and therefore also not available) on the contacts list. You can also sort lists descendingly and ascendingly.

To sort, for example, task list:

  1. Go to the Tasks tab. taskstab
  2. Expand the sort menu on the bar (header) of the list.sorttype
  3. Select one of the options, such as sorting according to priority.
  4. You can also sort the list descendingly or ascendingly. To do this, reopen the sort menu.
  5. Press again on exactly the same option to reverse the sorting (in this case from decreasing to increasing).prioritydesas
  6. You can see that the list has been sorted by the new order.sortingnew

Filtering information on lists

In Livespace you can filter information according to specific criteria, which means that you will see only the data that you want and need to see, and all the rest of information that does not meet your filtering criteria will be hidden.

For more information on filtering, check out our separate article entitled Filtering results by the specified criteria

Quick filtering on lists using the alphabet column

Livespace lists, with the exception of the list in the Tasks tab, have the alphabet column on the rightazfilter


With the alphabet column, you can view the list items that begin with a certain letter (or number).

For example, to display companies whose names start with the letter C:

  1. Go to the list of companies in the Contacts tab.companiespeopleheader
  1. Select the letter C from the alphabet column on the right side of the list.alphabetfilttering


  1. The list shows only those companies whose names begin with C, and you’ll see a blue label of the alphabet column’s filter on the bar (header) of the list.
  1. If you want to remove the filters of the alphabet column, press the A-Z button located on the top of the column.
  1. You can also remove this filter using the x sign, next to the letter on the blue label.alphabetfilttering

List operations

In Livespace you can perform mass activities on multiple list elements with the List operations option. This feature will allow you to, for example, delete or tag a large amount of elements that you can select on the list, as well as mass-merging them together or change their owner.

We devoted a separate article to this topic: List operations

Exporting data from lists

Livespace allows you to export exactly those information which is currently displayed on the list to XLS or CSV file.

If you want to export data from a specific list:

  1. Go to the list you want to export to a file here, for example, it will be the list of companies in the Contacts tab.companiespeopleheader
  1. Press Export on the list’s bar.export
  1. Choose the file format (XLS or CSV) to which the list should be exported. The file will be automatically downloaded by your browser.


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