In Livespace, in the Automation package, you can set the visibility of contacts added to CRM, defining who has access to them.

What is the visibility of contacts

Managing the visibility of contacts in CRM allows you to restrict access to the contact profile for selected users. During the Livespace configuration, you can decide whether:

  • Contacts will be visible only to their owners
  • Contacts will be visible to everyone

There are three options you can choose from:

1.The possibility of adding public contacts.

  • Details of contacts added as a public are visible to everyone.

2.The possibility of adding private contacts.

  • Details of non-public contacts are visible to their contact owner and account administrator. With this option, it is also possible to invite other participants to have access to them.

3.The option to add hidden contacts.

  • Contacts are only seen by the account administrator and the contact owner.

As an account administrator, you can decide on the visibility of contacts. If you enable all options at once, you will be allowed to choose a preferred option in the Add a person form or Edit field.

Setting the visibility of contacts

To set the visibility of contacts, go to Account settings > Permissions > Contacts.

You can enable adding public and private contacts to Livespace. To do this, mark both options:

In the next step, set the default visibility of new contacts. You can choose different settings for people and companies.


How to change the visibility of contacts?

Any change in the visibility settings will only affect contacts added after the change was made. This means that if you change the visibility settings after some time, the change will not affect contacts created before the change in the settings.

You can enter changes to the visibility of an existing contact directly on the profile of the selected contact.

In the case of private and hidden contacts, you can choose users who will get access to them.

To check which groups of users have access to the selected contact and which operations (View, Edit, Delete) related to this contact can they make, open the contact profile and press Change in the visibility settings of the contact on the right.

In the window that appears after pressing Change, you can select Show detailed information to view the current contact visibility settings.

Here, you have the option to change the visibility of the contact and to see who has access to it at the moment.

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