Livespace allows you to define which Contacts, Deals and Spaces are visible to your users. You can choose one of the three options of object visibility:

  • public – each user sees an object in the lists, has access to its profile and all information.
  • private – each user sees an object in the lists with its basic range of information, but does not have full access to that object. Only the Owner and invited users has full access to the profile.
  • hidden – only the Owner and invited users can see the object in the lists and can access to its profile.

Visibility settings

To set object visibility go to Account Settings > Permissions > Visibility > Contacts:


Here you can enable the possibility of adding Contacts with specified visibility and decide which option will be set by default while creating a new person o company.


Similar settings can be placed for Deals and Spaces by going to the appropriate tabs.

Visibility extending to other users

If you want to extend permissions to other users, we can invite them as a Member to a Contact, a Deal or a Space. To define rights for Member role, go to Account settings > Permissions > Access and select Edit a Member role.


The next step is to define Member’s range of permissions separately for the Persons, Companies, Deals and Spaces.


The team manager has access to Contacts, Deals and Spaces, which Owner is a user from his team. Therefore, there is no need to invite him to these objects.

Participants invited by default

In order to avoid the need to invite other users each time as Members, it is possible to define which users are invited by default.

To define the user invited by default, go to Account settings > Permissions > Access and edit Member. Then select appropriate users in the field Invited by default, separately for Persons, Companies and Deals. You can select one user, several users, regardless of the team they belong to and even whole team.

Process of assigning access to a single object

If you want to allow access to a single Contact or Deal to certain users, you can do it easily by going to the Contact’s profile or Deal and selecting Edit, which is located in the information section on the left side of the profile.

Select the appropriate users in the Member field.



Process of assigning access to multiple objects at the same time

To change a Member in multiple Contacts or Deals at the same time:

  1. Go to the Contacts or Deals tab.
  2. Choose the List operations.
  3. Select the elements for which we want to change the Member.
  4. Select Change user.
  5. From the drop-down list select the role of the Member and then users to whom we want to assign it.

list operations in Livespace


This will overwrite all Members. If you want to add new members without expelling actual members, use Invite users option in #4.

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